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Permissions Post - Drift Fleet

So, Rip Hunter is from 2166, and also formerly part of an organization specifically designed to ensure that history flows as it is meant to called the Time Masters. He’s spent most of his life either in this role or being trained for it, which means he’s potentially got a lot of knowledge about the past—meaning that if you play a character that’s got a famous historical counterpart, he might know of them!

There are, of course, limits:

  1. His knowledge would ultimately be limited to people as they existed in his universe. In DCTV terms, this is Earth-1. This does seem to be based on actual history, however, so if your character is based on one that really existed, he might recognize their name. Additionally, Rip did a fair bit of research on superheroes active around 2016 for canon reasons, so if you would like him to recognize your character based on that, he can! As much or as little as you might want.

  2. Rip is not, in fact, a supercomputer. That was Gideon, who could look up pretty much everything Rip needed to know. So even if he does recognize a name, he wouldn’t necessarily know the intimate details of a person’s life!

  3. We’ve seen Rip travel as far back as ancient Egypt and as far forward as the year 3000, but again, this does not make him an expert on all eras. Also, he hasn’t visited every era; for example, in the first episode he admits he hasn’t been to the seventies before.

  4. Alternate universes are a thing in the world Rip comes from, but Rip knows that just because two people share a name doesn’t mean they’re the same person.

  5. No matter how much or how little Rip knows, he will not be inclined to reveal those details to anyone, including the person themselves. He knows just how dangerous knowing one’s own future can be, both in terms of the timeline and the individual. His default setting will be to keep his mouth shut about it, although I am more than happy to use his knowledge for plotting purposes if you’d like!

So to keep things straight, please fill out the following if you wouldn’t mind:

Also, feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions or concerns or anything. :)