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Rip Hunter | DCTV - Legends of Tomorrow | Cuddle City

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Rip Hunter | DCTV - Legends of Tomorrow | Drift Fleet
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So, Rip Hunter is from 2166, and also formerly part of an organization specifically designed to ensure that history flows as it is meant to called the Time Masters. He’s spent most of his life either in this role or being trained for it, which means he’s potentially got a lot of knowledge about the past—meaning that if you play a character that’s got a famous historical counterpart, he might know of them!

There are, of course, limits:

  1. His knowledge would ultimately be limited to people as they existed in his universe. In DCTV terms, this is Earth-1. This does seem to be based on actual history, however, so if your character is based on one that really existed, he might recognize their name. Additionally, Rip did a fair bit of research on superheroes active around 2016 for canon reasons, so if you would like him to recognize your character based on that, he can! As much or as little as you might want.

  2. Rip is not, in fact, a supercomputer. That was Gideon, who could look up pretty much everything Rip needed to know. So even if he does recognize a name, he wouldn’t necessarily know the intimate details of a person’s life!

  3. We’ve seen Rip travel as far back as ancient Egypt and as far forward as the year 3000, but again, this does not make him an expert on all eras. Also, he hasn’t visited every era; for example, in the first episode he admits he hasn’t been to the seventies before.

  4. Alternate universes are a thing in the world Rip comes from, but Rip knows that just because two people share a name doesn’t mean they’re the same person.

  5. No matter how much or how little Rip knows, he will not be inclined to reveal those details to anyone, including the person themselves. He knows just how dangerous knowing one’s own future can be, both in terms of the timeline and the individual. His default setting will be to keep his mouth shut about it, although I am more than happy to use his knowledge for plotting purposes if you’d like!

So to keep things straight, please fill out the following if you wouldn’t mind:

Also, feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions or concerns or anything. :)


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Random tidbits for me to mull over and potentially incorporate into playing Rip.
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Character Name: Rip Hunter - Real first name Michael, but that is very much a secret
Series: Legends of Tomorrow/DCTV
Timeline: 1x16; Legendary
Canon Resource Link: Rip Hunter @ the Arrowverse Wiki

Character History: The boy who would become Rip Hunter was actually born Michael during a currently unknown time period in England. Additionally, we know nothing about his biological parents save that by the time Michael was five, they were dead. By this point Michael had become a full-blown cutpurse, and in his own words, starved more than he ate. Survival was the only goal, and despite being so young, Michael became the sort who would do anything to ensure his.

Eventually he was discovered by a group called the Time Masters, a group devoted to protecting the timeline from those who would alter history for their own gain. They filled their ranks with orphans, those who could be brought up and trained according to the philosophy of the Time Masters. As a recruit, Michael was brought to a place called the Refuge and placed under the care of Mary Xavier. Despite a rocky beginning there--Michael's first day featured an attempt to steal Mary's purse--he would eventually come to consider it a home, and Mary his mother.

Still, the instincts bred into him through an impossibly hard life on the streets died hard. When he was ten and some time after being brought to the refuge, Michael was told by a group of strangers that he was being hunted by a woman who wanted to kill him. The loved ones of these strangers had also been taken by the woman, who agreed to return her hostages in exchange for Michael. In truth the strangers had no intention of handing him over, meaning to fight the woman to get their loved ones back. Because they had to act as if they were playing along, they had Mary bring Michael to an abandoned outpost. The leader of the strangers assured Michael he would come to no harm, then told him to cross the room towards the woman. Michael acted as if he were clueless about her intentions, giving the strangers opportunity to make their attack. The woman, however, was quite powerful, able to stop and reverse time despite the fact that she had been surrounded by the strangers. Because her attention was on them, however, she didn't realize she'd ignored one other enemy: Michael himself. He stabbed the woman, and with a confident smile informed her that if she thought he'd let her snuff him, she didn't know anything about him at all. This allowed the strangers to kill her, at which point Mary returned to take him back to the Refuge.

Eventually, Michael grew old enough to begin his training as a Time Master, a position which he had come to dream of wanting. Those who fulfilled this role faced countless difficult choices, many of which would seem to have no right answer. Protecting time could mean letting good people suffer and die, if that was the way history was to play out. The Time Masters were not meant to be heroes, and believed their calling to be higher than merely saving individual lives. In addition, they sought to protect themselves by isolating themselves from the rest of humanity, denying themselves attachments so they wouldn't be conflicted in times of critical choices. For this reason, Time Masters were trained to be very pragmatic, and to abstain from relationships. While a Time Master was highly discouraged from engaging in romantic affairs with anyone not within the organization, to have an entanglement with another Time Master was flat out forbidden.

This did not, however, stop Michael, who by this time had been given the new name of Rip Hunter to protect his biological ancestors and potential descendants from anyone who would seek to remove him from the timeline due to his actions as a Time Master. During his training, he developed feelings for another recruit named Miranda Coburn. While Rip did well at the training, Miranda was exceptional. She had a way of thinking unconventionally that allowed her to get out of seemingly impossible situations, often to Rip's frustrations--during the simulations, where she acted in wild way that somehow worked despite the fact that they should have gotten them killed. In truth, the way she could seemingly see beyond the constraints in these situations entranced him. And all the better, she was taken with him too.

Unfortunately, being young and reckless, the two weren't exactly subtle about their affair. They were ultimately caught by Time Master Declan, and brought before a disciplinary tribunal. Declan reminded them of the purpose behind the Time Masters, why that sacred calling meant they abstained from relationships, then recessed for an hour after warning both Rip and Miranda that it was almost certain that they both would be dismissed from the Time Masters.

During this time, Rip decided to take responsibility for the affair, and resign from the Time Masters. Miranda was quite frankly the better one at it, and if he were going to lose both her and his position anyway, the least he could do would be to spare her from being discharged. He waited for the hour, then went back to the chamber where the tribunal was to meet--only to discover it empty. Time Master Declan returned shortly after, and a dismayed Rip asked where everyone was. Declan then told him that Miranda had returned before him, and passionately pleaded with the group to only hold her responsible for the affair. In the end she succeeded, convincing the group not to dismiss Rip--by ultimately offering her own resignation.

A dismayed Rip left the building, only to be quickly found by Miranda, who wanted to explain herself for fear that Rip would be angry. He insisted he wasn't, only that he didn't understand her actions--which turned out to be pretty ironic, considering that he was the cause for them. She had fallen in love with Rip, and despite everything the Time Masters had taught them, found it to be a wondrous, beautiful thing. Falling in love had changed everything for her, and for that reason, she had to resign: the Time Masters turned their backs on love, but Miranda could not. Rip was swayed by her words, so much that for a moment he almost gave up on the calling himself. But Miranda encouraged him to stay, pointing out that the world did need the Time Masters, and he would make an exceptional one. She just hoped that he would one day understand, and think of her. Rip immediately promised he would, because he would be with her, and the two sealed that promise with a kiss.

Ultimately, the relationship between Miranda and Rip was allowed, if frowned upon. Rip completed his training, becoming the Captain of the timeship Waverider. He completed countless missions for the Time Masters across numerous eras, both past and future, and grew infamous for his skill in defeating enemies of all sorts. His success did not come without cost, however; in one instance, he traveled to a small city named Calvert, Oklahoma in 1868. While he successfully completed his mission, the allure of being an actual hero caused him to stay in that period far longer than he should have. He truly savored rescuing people, helping them, making an immediate a good impact in their lives. He developed friendships with others, notably Jonah Hex, whom grew fond enough of Rip to give him one of his coats that Rip wore for years after. He began to experience the phenomenon of time drift, when someone stays in an era so long, they begin to lose their identity outside of it. Realizing this would mean he would never see Miranda again, Rip tore himself away from the time, an act he would later describe as absolutely devastating. This was in large part because he knew that the next day, everyone in the town would be killed by a heartless outlaw named Quentin Turnbull. He forced himself to turn his back on the town, not even saying goodbye to Jonah, or leaving any warning of what would happen, knowing it was what he had to do, even if he would never be able to forgive himself for it.

He did, however, find happiness in Miranda, and the son they had, named Jonas after Rip's friend, Jonah Hex. He also found satisfaction in his profession, serving as a Time Master for thirteen years.

Canon Update: New Backstory

Sometime during this period, Rip traveled to Germany in 1958. There he worked with the Justice Society of America to obtain the Spear of Destiny, a relic with the power of God himself. As the Spear had been used to pierce the side of Christ and thus soaked in his blood, it would allow the wielder to rewrite reality itself. Deeming the Spear too dangerous even to be possessed by the Time Masters, Rip and the three members of the JSA--Stargirl, Dr. Mid-Nite, and Commander Steel--broke it into four pieces by use of numerous explosives. Rip then took each of the JSA members to a different time period, with no one besides Rip himself knowing when all the pieces had been placed. The fourth piece was his to protect, and he kept it hidden underneath a panel in his parlor aboard the Waverider.

End of New Backstory

Then, in 2166, a man named Vandal Savage made a move to conquer the world. As part of his conquest of England, he hunted down Rip's family, killing Miranda and Jonas in cold blood. Rip discovered their dead bodies and was unable to stop himself from screaming in grief as he held them. Resolving not to let this stand, he then went to kill Savage.

The problem was that Savage was in fact immortal; he had been given eternal life by a meteor which had landed in Egypt centuries prior, which meant he couldn't be killed by a normal person or means. Of course, this would seemingly be less of a problem for someone with a timeship, so Rip went back to ancient Egypt before the meteorite landed and attacked Savage, then a priest named Hath-Set. Rip had the chance to kill him, but looking into Savage's eyes, he hesitated--and that gave the guards enough opportunity to come in and subdue Rip. Savage demanded to know who he was, but Rip refused to answer, so Savage referred to him as "Gareeb," meaning "stranger," and held him prisoner, starving him to the point where he could barely stand in an attempt to break him. At one point Savage mocked him with this fact, only for Rip to struggle to his feet and promise that he would always rise against Savage. He also understood well the wonder that future items held for those from the past. He bribed one of Savage's guards with a novelty pen that featured a woman whose top came off when the pen was turned, and managed to escape.

Knowing he could no longer end Savage, Rip instead tried to save his family directly. He traveled to 2166, found Miranda and Jonus, and raced with them towards the Waverider. Unfortunately, they ran into Savage's forces, and this time, Rip saw his family killed in front of him. That didn't stop him, however--he tried again, going further back into the past, only for the same thing to happen. Over and over he watched his family die--over and over, he failed to save them. Rip came to realize that time wanted to happen, that this death could not be prevented, at least not by him alone.

In a last ditch effort, Rip appealed to the Time Council, the group of individuals that oversaw the Time Masters. He implored them to remove Savage from the timeline, as he was a worse dictator than any other the world has ever seen. Despite the earnestness of his pleas, the Time Council coldly said they protected history, not humanity. After their adamant refusal, Rip returned to his ship, where his onboard AI, Gideon, asked how the meeting went. When Rip said it went as expected, Gideon rightly assumed they would proceed according to plan. In essence, Rip only went to the Time Council to give them the chance to prove him wrong; he knew they would reject his proposal. So Rip in turn stole the Waverider, and recruited eight individuals from 2016 to help him take down Savage despite the fact that he usually preferred to work alone:

- Raymond Palmer, AKA The Atom: a scientist specializing in nanotechnology who had created a suit which allowed him to shrink down to an extremely miniature size. Rip surprised him at the end of a fight by applauding his actions, promising he's not an enemy, and knocking him out with a small weapon designed to do so with a blinding flash of light.
- Sara Lance: a woman trained by the League of Assassins who had previously died and been brought back to life. Rip surprised her at the end of a fight, asked her to join him for a drink, and then knocked her out with the same weapon.
- Martin Stein and Jefferson Jackson: A professor of nuclear physics and an auto mechanic respectively, the pair could merge together to become Firestorm, a metahuman with powers based around nuclear energy. Rip interrupted their bickering after they had taken down a thief, and guess what? Knocked them both out.
- Kendra Sanders and Carter Hall: a pair of reincarnated lovers from ancient Egypt, and the enemies of Vandal Savage. They were imbued with powers by the same meteor that gave Savage his immortality. Notably, these two are the only ones who can kill Savage, due to their connection in the past. He found the pair arguing, suggested couples' counseling, and then--yep! Knocked them out.
- Leonard Snart and Mick Rory: two thieves who had weapons that produced extreme cold (Snart) and extreme heat (Rory). Rip didn't bother talking to them this time; instead he stood in the middle of the road while they raced towards him in a minivan after a heist, and used his knockout device.

He brought the eight of them to a random rooftop, partially because it was private and partially because, let's face it, Rip had a flair for the dramatic. He explained that he was a time traveler from the future, and that he needed their help to stop Savage. Instead of telling them the truth, however, he paints their mission as a grand and noble quest, and tells the group that they're considered something more than heroes in his time; they are Legends.

So he appealed to both their sense of goodness and their egos.

He finished up by showing them footage from the future, then offered them a card with an address, telling them to meet him there in 36 hours if they agreed. He waited for them in the Waverider, although he kept the ship invisible, so the group had no idea it was there when they first arrived. Happily all of them showed up, allowing Rip the pleasure of once more shocking all of them by revealing his timeship. Once they were all on board, Rip allowed them to explore briefly, introduced them to Gideon, and told them that because Savage kept his movements largely secret throughout history (and that attacking him at the height of his power would be foolish), they would go to a man named Aldus Boardman, a professor who was an expert on Savage to try and locate him in the past.

Rip advises them to strap in as Gideon plots their course, then murmurs a warning about potential side effects (bleeding from the eyeballs and such), and launches before they have a chance to complain--particularly Jefferson, who had been drugged by Stein and only just awoke as they took off.

Ever focused, when they landed Rip barely gave his newly formed team time to recover from the side effects--although to be fair, the worst they got was a bit of nausea, vertigo, and blindness. He instead rattled off assignments, dictating which members he wished to come with him and which he wanted to stay, over the protests of those left behind--Sara, Snart, and Mick. Rip matter-of-factly stated he didn't need their skills, which Snart correctly deduced meant no one needed to be killed, maimed, or robbed. Jefferson opted to stay behind as well, mostly because he hadn't wanted to come in the first place. Given that their time was limited as they arrived a day before Professor Boardman was to die (a strategy chosen by Rip to minimize the impact on history), Rip didn't argue, and led the other four through the campus.

When they find the professor, he immediately recognized Kendra and Carter, but as their past selves, whom he had heard about as a child. He briefly recapped the story of Chay-Ara (Kendra) and Khufu (Carter), whom were murdered by Savage out of rage because he loved Chay-Ara. Boardman theorized that by killing Kendra and Carter, Savage maintained his immortality by stealing their lifeforce. When questioned by Stein, Boardman revealed that all he knew he had learned from Kendra and Carter themselves--who in a prior life, had been his parents.

Boardman told them briefly about himself and the murder of his parents, only for Rip to butt in during a pause in the emotionally charged conversation. He wanted to know about Savage in the present, where he might be now. Because Savage had murdered Boardman's parents, Rip knew the man would have focused on locating him, and he was right; Boardman stated he had an educated guess. He offered his notebook, at which point Stein stated something was wrong with Jefferson (which he knew because they shared a psychic link). Rip thanked the professor and quickly left, only to be stopped by Kendra. Moved by the fact that Aldus was her son and that he would die, she demanded they take the man with them. Rip wanted to part of it, but relented due to Kendra and Carter's united stubborn front, and the fact that something was happening back at the Waverider which couldn't be good, what with Rip being a fugitive and all.

Shockingly, the Time Masters weren't thrilled about his stealing of a timeship to alter history in a forbidden way, so they had sent the bounty hunter Chronos after him. The group engaged in a brief fight, which culminated in Chronos throwing a grenade where Rip and Aldus were taking cover. He was about to finish them when Sara, Mick, and Leonard hit him with a car they had stolen after they'd left the ship and gotten into a bar brawl. The fight resumed as the group tried to get back to the ship. Aldus, however, was shot on the way, sustaining massive injuries. The Legends made it back to the ship, and Rip told Gideon to take them anywhere but there. She brought them to the temporal zone, a place of limbo between time where they could hide from Chronos.

Needless to say, that between bringing Aldus on board and the trio's venture out, plus the damage done to the ship by Chronos, Rip was not happy. He began repairs while vocally lambasting the group for their time-damaging decisions, only to turn around and be punched in the face by an angry Kendra. At this point Rip is forced to reveal the truth about his mission--although when he starts to sarcastically offer that he hadn't entirely lied about being a Time Master, he got his second punch in the face from Sara. The group also realized that Rip lied about them being legends, forcing him to admit that he chose them because they had minimal impact on the timeline, thus removing them wouldn't do massive harm to history.

Best. Captain. Ever.

He had, however, been telling the truth about Savage, and the terror posed to the world. He only truly got through to them, however, when he opened up about the fact that Savage had killed his family. With raw emotion he confirmed Savage slaughtered his family with countless others, and that the Time Masters would do nothing. He wanted to save his loved ones as well as gain his vengeance, promising the last face Savage would see when he finally died would be Rip's. Rip ultimately offered to return anyone who wanted to leave to their original time once the repairs were done. The rest of the group left the bridge to consider all they'd been told, leaving Rip alone to make his repairs.

Aldus, unfortunately did not survive his injuries. Kendra and Carter returned to the bridge to tell Rip, who apologized for their lost. Kendra blamed herself, as she had been the one to insist he be brought on board. Rip, however, advised her not to put that guilt on herself, telling her that time wanted to happen, and it would very often be as much their enemy as Vandal Savage or Chronos. The others walked into the room, having chosen to stay with Rip--not for his reasons, but to change their fates so their lives held meaning in the future. Carter and Kendra wanted to end Savage, while Mick and Leonard agreed because, as they put it, they liked killing people.

Aldus had theorized Savage would be in Norway, where Gideon had discovered an illegal arms auction was being held. They prepared to leave, with Raymond saying they needed a plan, Leonard pointing out that his experience meant he would take the lead, and Rip reminding them all that he was the Captain and in charge. Spoilers: they didn't care. Turned out that whole "lying to get them onboard" bit didn't put Rip in the best light, despite Rip's experience acting in the past without altering the timeline.

Despite their confidence, however, when the group tried to capture Savage it turned into a disaster. They wound up buying the nuclear warhead Savage was selling in an effort not to be made, which ultimately failed. Beyond that, Savage could sense Kendra and Carter, making him suspicious of the strange group. A massive firefight broke out, during which Savage activated the warhead so he could escape. FIrestorm's ability to absorb the blast meant a crisis was averted, but when everyone returned to the ship, there was plenty of blame going around over who screwed up what.

Head of the blame train was Rip, who in his frustration eagerly pointed out everything they'd done wrong. Aside from revealing their identities and their powers to Savage, losing any element of surprise, a piece of Raymond's suit had been knocked off during the fight. Savage's group found it, reverse engineered it, and altered the timeline so that the world comes to disaster even sooner. The only good news was that such changes took time to set, meaning that the team had a chance to fix the damage by getting the tech back before Savage's scientists could figure it out.

Raymond pointed out that his suit could be tracked due to the alpha particles each piece emitted, but that the tech didn't exist in that time. Martin, however, stated that by this time he had developed just such a tracker, as he was the world's only expert in this field. Kendra and Carter, meanwhile, had found an article about a dagger that had been present at the time of their first death, meaning it could be used to kill Savage. There was incantation that had to be spoken, however, one Kendra had known in her past life. The group split, with Raymond, Leonard, and Mick going to steal the dagger, Kendra and Carter working on remembering the incantation, and Martin, Sara, and Jefferson going to meet Martin's past self--but not before Rip warned the last group that interacting with a past version of oneself could greatly damage the future.

And Rip...supervised. Or something else important offscreen.

As would become the predictable pattern, things didn't quite go to plan. Kendra and Carter were successful at least, as were Sara, Jefferson, and Martin--right up until the point that younger!Martin followed them onto the ship because they'd stolen his tracker. Coincidentally, this put Martin's marriage in danger as that was the night he was supposed to meet his future wife. Worst of all, efforts to steal the dagger got Snart, Rory, and Palmer caught by the security system and by the dagger's owner, who was not a random Russian guy as the clipping stated. Instead it was Vandal Savage himself, who had them contact the rest of the team with a challenge to attack.

Firestorm freed the others, who in turn gave the dagger to Kendra and Carter. They flew off to attack Savage while Rip and the others fought off Savage's massive security team. Unfortunately, they didn't know that the dagger had to be used by Kendra to kill Savage; Carter seemingly made a finishing blow, only to have Savage overpower and kill him instead. He stabbed Kendra as well, but was stopped by the team. They only had time to rescue Kendra, leaving Carter's body behind.

Kendra's serious wounds required medical treatment, but just as severe was her grief. As Rip kept her from getting out of bed in the medbay, she wept because she hadn't gotten to tell Carter that she'd remembered their past lives, and that they'd promised to be together for eternity. Rip softly told her it was okay while waiting for the sedative he ordered Gideon to administer to work, all the while looking into her eyes and seeing her anguish. They couldn't time jump, however, as her injuries could be aggravated by the process.

There was one small good thing that could be done, however. Rip contacted Martin's younger self and told him to attend the mixer where he would meet his wife, thus saving Martin's marriage. He pointed out that it would hardly be fair for Martin to lose his wife while trying to save Rip's. He also said that during all his travels, he saw that time could change but people didn't. Martin, who had been thinking he hadn't matured from his arrogant younger self, agreed--but Rip added that he believed they were there to learn, and said Martin should be glad he still could.

Returning to the ship, Rip asked what the group wanted to do. They were clearly depressed, as they perceived their actions to be a failure. Rip, however, pointed out that they had recovered the future tech, even if they hadn't stopped Savage. Despite them not knowing Carter, they were eager to avenge his death, and turned to Rip for a plan, acknowledging him as Captain for the first time. Gideon found sign of Savage in Germany, so they headed there. Kendra's condition still worsened, however, as pieces of the dagger had broken off within her and could still kill her. The rest of the team was discouraged, but Rip gave a rather motivating speech:

"I've seen Men of Steel die and Dark Knights fall, and I still accomplish my mission, no matter what."

He then asked Gideon their status; she stated the jump ship, a small vessel made for exploration, had been damaged. As Jefferson was a mechanic, Rip told him to fix it. Jefferson pointed out that he was an auto machanic, although when Rip didn't see the problem, he agreed to take a look. Mick asked if the rest of them were supposed to just sit around, which Rip thought was a great idea, and told Mick he wasn't as thick as people said.

In truth, Rip felt the same discouragement, and went off to his be alone in his office while staring at a picture of his wife and son. Sara went after him, sneaking up on him unintentionally, and confronted him on the fact that he had no plan and that his speech had been designed to convince Rip himself--and hadn't worked. Sara offered her own idea: instead of going after Savage directly, slow him down by taking his fortune. They use Gideon and Aldus' notes to discover where it was, and Sara started off to tell the team. Rip stopped her, however; he wanted to go in alone, not wanting anyone else to die for his cause. Sara pointed out that would be suicide, and Snart and Rory walked in just in time to overhear the part about a bank. They offered their unique brand of help, but Rip wasn't interested--or aware of the fact that he'd been pickpocketed by Snart. Oops?

Because Sara refused to let Rip go alone, they infiltrate the bank by stating they want to deposit family heirlooms--specifically doubloons valued at $10 million, each, because Rip had those on hand. When the banker left to get the paperwork, Rip used his computer to try and track down the funds; he only found out information about a vessel, however, and was worried he wouldn't be able to track it down before the banker returned. Sara had other concerns, however, as she realized every person in the bank, from the receptionist to the banker to the security, was armed, trained, and lethal. Rip didn't fully believe her, until she pointed out that the whole lot had gathered with guns and swords out.

Rip offered a pithy remark about how they might have to take their business elsewhere, but Sara got straight to the point by throwing a knife into the chest of the receptionist. This dismayed Rip, who had told her no weapons, although under the circumstances his annoyance was a little ridiculous. They fought off their would-be murderers, with Sara doing most of the work--and nearly killing everyone until Rip stopped her.

Once they were back on the ship Rip demanded to know what happened. Sara told Rip he couldn't judge, but he said it was concern. She eventually explained that being brought back from the dead had given her a bloodlust, a need to kill she couldn't truly control--and said it made her a monster.

After they had a chance to calm down, Rip and Sara interrogated the banker, whom they'd taken prisoner. They tried to find out where his fortune was, but the banker (Blake) asked Rip what his name was--and referred to him as "Gareeb." Rip tried to get Sara to leave them alone for a moment, but Blake continued to talk. He said every myth had a monster, and for Savage's followers, it was the Gareeb. Despite Rip's efforts to get Blake to shut up, he told Sara that Rip had already failed to kill Savage, and he wouldn't be able to protect her--that it was doubtful he'd been able to protect anyone. Rip's temper got the better of him, and he knocked Blake out, but the damage had been done. Sara rightfully demanded the truth, and forced Rip to admit to the encounter in Egypt so long ago, when he hesitated. Sara tried to console Rick by pointing out killing wasn't easy, particularly for a good man. Rip couldn't see it that way, however; in his eyes, he failed to save his family along with countless others with that hesitation, and he could not forgive himself for it. Sara saw herself as a monster for her bloodlust, but Rip saw himself as one because he could have avenged his family, and didn't.

During round two of the questioning, Rip asked about the vessel. Blake readily gave up the location, and pointed out that Savage's followers would be gathering in celebration that very night. Rip and Sara knew it was a trap, but Blake then revealed that the vessel was in fact Carter's body. Knowing full well that Savage planned to desecrate the remains, Rip immediately ordered Gideon to find the Greyhill building and take them there, over Sara's protests that it went against the plan. He at least saw the wisdom in her suggestion to get the rest of the team, but remember Rip getting pickpocketed? Snart had taken the security key to the jump ship, and he, Mick, and Jefferson weren't on board.

With Martin and Ray trying to save Kendra, Rip and Sara were forced to go alone. They took Blake so they could get past security undetected, then locked him in the trunk of the car. To blend in, Rip and Sara danced--Rip leading--which gave them the chance to talk. Rip told Sara he didn't believe her to be a monster; rather, he saw someone haunted by something she couldn't control. When Sara pointed out there was no cure, Rip scoffed, certain there was: being better. He pointed out that when his family was killed he didn't want to go on--but he had. As humans, Rip saw them both blessed and cursed with the drive to continue on, and to be better. He fully believed that Sara would do this.

By this time, Sara had seen a pair of mercenaries, like the ones that had been at the bank. They follow them to the area they are guarding, disarming the guards by pretending to be cheerfully drunk before Sara knocked them out. Exploring the room, they found Carter's body, but were discovered before they could leave. Blake had been found, and revealed their presence, leading them both to be captured.

Savage's followers revealed that his power didn't come from wealth, but from the faith of his followers. Savage gleefully greeted Rip, then forced them to watch as he drained Carter's corpse of blood, which he then allowed his followers to drink. While this act didn't make them immortal, it did unnaturally extend their lives. Savage then confronted Rip, stating he should have asked why Rip hated him so much. He found the watch with the picture of Rip's family inside, stealing it and cheerfully realizing that he must kill them in the future while Rip stood helpless to stop him.

Fortunately, Ray and Martin managed to stabilize Kendra, whose connection with Carter let her reveal where Sara and Rip were, and that they were in danger. Martin contacted Jefferson, and had him go to the Greyhill Building along with Mick and Leonard--just in time to allow Rip a snappy comeback after Savage's grand victory speech. They freed Sara and Rip, the latter of which was surprised that they came. Jefferson, however, pointed out that they were a team, and that Rip should remember that.

Savage used some brand of artifact to attack the room at large, knocking down both his followers and the Legends. Rip had most of the team get Carter's body out, while he fought Savage and Sara fought Blake. He managed to overpower Savage, slitting his throat while declaring the act was for Miranda and Jonas. Knowing he would come back to life, however, Savage laughed in his face, pointing out that now? He knew the names of Rip's family.

Rip didn't take his eyes off of Savage once while the man bled out.

Even the small positive that Sara didn't kill Blake, instead repeatedly stabbing the floor next to his head, didn't offer Rip comfort. He confirmed with Gideon that the timeline remained unchanged, then had her work on finding out where he next appeared in history. He checked on Kendra, who thanked him for getting Carter's body back. Rip pointed out it was a team effort, and that they would help Kendra get ready for what she had to do.

The group had a small funeral for Carter and Aldus, burying them on a hill. Rip admitted that despite his attempt to find words of hope, it was the others who had inspired him. Carter and Aldus had made the ultimate sacrifice, and the actions of everyone reminded him no one person could save the world on their own. He later apologized again for the details he'd left out, and stated that the only way they could continue was if they all agreed to work together--specifically pointing himself out. With that in mind, they next headed to the 1980's.

Upon Gideon’s discovery of a telefax (“It’s like an email - on paper!” - Ray Palmer), Rip organized the team so they can break into the Pentagon during 1986; the telefax had been largely redacted, so their goal was to get the file and see what information the US government had on Savage. By now you surely know not to take bets on things going according to plan. Despite Rip’s supervision from the ship where he could monitor and give instructions as needed, a bunch of things got messed up, leaving the various members of the team blaming each other for the absolute failure to get in and out undetected.

On the plus side, they did get the file, which should count as an improvement. Rip was still pretty annoyed though.

Now having learned that Savage had gone to the USSR and was working on a project called “Operation Svarog” with a doctor Valentina Vostok. The team flew there, but were detected by Chronos despite being cloaked. In order to shake him, Rip decloaked the ship, purposely getting the attention of the Soviets who fired heat-seeking missiles at them. He then had Gideon cut the engines so the missiles would target Chronos. All in all, a pretty great plan! Except maybe for the part where they wound up crashing.

Because no one had been hurt, Rip was able to assign the team various tasks both to accomplish the mission, and to address the problems he’d seen in their past efforts. Ray and Leonard were sent to charm Valentina for answers, while Sara was assigned to train Kendra, who had lost control of the ancient warrior within her during their raid on the Pentagon. Rip saw Sara as the ideal candidate, as she had experience with such a loss of control.

In the meantime, Gideon picked up signs of a nearby time anomaly. Suspecting it to be Chronos, Rip and Mick went to investigate, with Rip promising Mick he’d be able to use his gun. Instead of the bounty hunter, however, they found Time Master Druce, who had been Rip’s teacher and close friend. Druce told them that Chronos was dead, and that he’d come there to make sure his ship didn’t fall into the wrong hands. To get Rip to reveal himself, he purposely caused an anomaly. He then made Rip and offer: in exchange for being found not guilty of his crimes, Rip had to give up his quest to kill Savage. The Time Masters would fix the damage to the timeline the group had caused, and his team would be safely returned to their original time. Druce made a point of mentioning Carter, knowing Rip well enough to know the man would carry the guilt of that death on his own shoulders.

Despite being asked to leave Rip and Druce alone, Mick stayed close enough to overhear the conversation. He bluntly told Rip that Druce wanted to kill all of them, which was why he made sure to tell Rip to bring his team when he’d made his decision. Rip didn’t want to believe him because of his past with Druce, and his belief that the Time Masters were an organization for good, despite their reluctance to act against Savage. They returned to the ship to check on the others, knowing Druce would expect Rip and the team to find him in an hour if he agreed.

As most of the rest of the team were busy with their assignments, Rip brought Jefferson and Martin into his office to discuss the offer. Despite the fact that the Time Masters were not going to stop Savage, Rip wanted to take the deal. When Jefferson pointed out that Rip was the one who emphasized the importance of killing Savage, Rip pointed out that he hadn’t been honest with him about their motivations, or the level of danger they would all face. Recognizing he was referring to Carter’s fate, Martin pointed out that Carter had known the risks. All Rip could say that the rest of them had to decide if the future was worth fighting for.

In the end, Rip alone went to meet Druce. He told Druce he’d been right, and asked for forgiveness. Druce assured him that all would be made right--just as Chronos snuck up behind Rip and put a gun to his head. Druce apologized, but told Rip he was too dangerous to be kept alive. Rip lamented that he wouldn’t be able to tell Mick he was right, then goaded Druce into staying. In truth, the team set up their own ambush, and Mick and Firestorm engaged Chronos in a fight. Firestorm went for an attack and was hit by a grenade, forcing Martin and Jefferson to split. Jefferson was badly injured, barely making it back to the group before passing out.

They returned to the ship, where Ray and Leonard reported their success in obtaining intel from Valentina. Any victory was short lived, however, as Jefferson was brought in and Rip revealed they’d been attacked. Rip moved to support Jefferson, who by this time was conscious and able to walk with help; before they could go into the medbay, however, Martin tore into Jefferson, who hadn’t listened to Martin’s advice to be cautious and put them both in danger--Jefferson, as the body of Firestorm, took the physical injury from the attack. Because of how their merger worked, Martin in turn would die if Jefferson did. Martin laid it on thick, to such a degree that even Rip believed he’d gone too far--which, considering that Rip had been so careless as to get punched before giving a lecture, said a lot.

To add to the fun, Rip ran into Kendra shortly after getting Jefferson to the medical bay, seeing where she’d been badly bruised during her training with Sara. Kendra told him that Sara had lost control and tried to kill her, leaving Rip to lament that his efforts hadn’t worked. Assigning Sara to train Kendra had been a two-fold plan: not only did Rip want Sara to help Kendra, he wanted Kendra to help Sara get in touch with her humanity. Realizing this, Kendra went back to Sara to try again, for both their sakes.

Using the badge that Snart had stolen from Vostok, Martin infiltrated the lab to find out what Operation Svarog was. Martin specifically had gone without Jefferson, and without Rip’s approval since without the two of them together, Martin lacked Firestorm’s abilities to fight, putting himself at great risk. Because Martin had gone, he was able to learn that Operation Svarog was Savage’s effort to create a Firestorm of his own. To stop them, Martin went after a device called a thermocore, again against Rip’s advice. Leonard, Ray, and Mick entered the lab to help protect Martin while he removed the device; Martin was the only one able, since he was impervious to nuclear radiation.

With Ray keeping the thermocore powered down, Leonard went to stop Valentina, who had entered the lab. Thinking she didn’t know what Savage was really having her do, Leonard lowered his guard, allowing the doctor to pull a gun on him. Ray wasn’t able to let Snart die, and so he turned the power back on. Martin decided to absorb the energy anyway. He reached out to touch it, at which point he heard Jefferson’s voice over the comms. Rip likely had gotten the younger man from the medbay, hoping that Martin would listen to his partner since he hadn’t been listening to his Captain.

The bet unfortunately didn’t pay off. Thankfully, Martin was able to absorb the radiation without dying. He had been substantially weakened, however, leaving him to be captured by the Russians. Mick arrived and a fight broke out, but only Leonard was ultimately able to escape. He didn’t want to go on his own, however Rip told him the more important thing was getting the thermocore out of the Soviet’s and Savage’s hands. Rip prioritized that over the safety of the team members, which didn’t sit well with Leonard. He drew his gun on rip once he got back onto the ship, but Rip pointed out that anyone else he could have sent in would have also gotten kidnapped, meaning that Savage would have both halves of Firestorm, and a dead Kendra. This way, at least, they could stage a rescue.

Because Stein had developed the original thermocore (and the matrix that allowed for the creation of Firestorm), Rip theorized that all of the captured team members would be kept alive: Martin for his knowledge, and Mick and Ray for leverage. They tracked their teammates to a gulag, a Russian prison that was all but impossible to penetrate. In order to get in, Rip went with Sara and Leonard to ask a Soviet crime family for help. Sara took out pretty much everyone except the boss, who beat the crap out of Rip while Snart watched. Rip did get a couple of hits in though! And ultimately, they got the help they needed.

Because he didn’t want Kendra or Jefferson to be captured, Rip had them stay on the ship with him while Sara and Snart snuck into the gulag. Before they went in, however, Rip pulled Sara aside to give her a secret directive. He showed her the grave future if Martin gave up the method for creating Firestorm, and told her that if they couldn’t save Stein, she would have to kill him. Sara ultimately agreed to this fail-safe in order to protect the future if there was no way to could keep Martin from being broken.

Rip had Gideon monitor the timeline, and she confirmed that the new future was cementing. Sara attempted to rescue Stein, but was unable to keep him from entering the lab with Vostok. Rip reaffirmed that Sara knew what she would have to do, in spite of it meaning the murder of one of their team. While Rip continued to monitor the situation, Jefferson and Kendra confronted him on the fact that he was holding them back on the assumption they would fail. They had more faith in themselves, however, and convinced Rip to send them in.

When Rip dropped off Kendra and Jefferson, Sara saw them and wanted to know what they were doing. Rip said it was what he should have done from the start. Instead of holding back in preparation for the worst, he needed to trust that the people he chose would save both history and their comrade. He told her to forget the fail-safe, although it was ultimately Leonard who would convince Sara not to kill Martin.

The plan worked, allowing Rip to join Kendra and Jefferson. He ultimately confronted Savage and got back his watch while holding the man at gunpoint, then blew up the facility to ensure that Savage would never create his own version of Firestorm. Vostok was killed as well, as she had attempted to merge with Martin without the splicer that would stabilize the reaction.

With an actual, real success under their belts, the Legends celebrated with a drink. Snart even toasted Rip! Specifically, things not going according to his plan. Sara and Rip privately confirmed that Martin didn’t know what they almost did, with Sara saying that in her past, failing to kill a target was unforgivable. When she commented that maybe she was losing her edge, Rip countered by saying perhaps she was gaining a new one.

Of course, as happened with all good things, the celebration was interrupted when Chronos began firing on their ship. Firing countermeasures allowed them to lose Chronos, but one final missile struck them, forcing them out of the time stream. They ended up crashing in the future, specifically in a post-apocalyptic Star City, year 2046. Almost immediately after they left the ship, the group was confronted by the Green Arrow. Sara and Ray tried to talk down their old friend, but this Arrow wasn’t Oliver Queen; he was a stranger who attacked the group. Rip naturally returned fire, much to Sara’s dismay. The fight quickly turned into a stalemate, with both sides retreating.

When they arrived back to the ship, Rip told them that the future they were in was not set. He also warned the group against exploring, as knowing too much about any future could cause them to create it by influencing their actions. He emphatically advised them all to make repairs to the Waverider so they could leave as soon as possible. Unfortunately, part of the interface that allowed Gideon to function had been destroyed, and had to be replaced to bring her back online. Ray stated that they had been working on something of that nature back in 2016, so it stood to reason that the tech they needed would exist in 2046.

Rip recruited Leonard and Mick to steal the item they needed, but Sara insisted on going with them. Rip warned her against it due to her emotional connection to Star City, but Sara was having no part of it. Because he couldn’t stop her, Rip brought Sara along on the mission. While they traveled, they were attacked by a criminal gang, who in turn were attacked by the Green Arrow. When the Arrow was shot, Sara rushed out to help, with Rip following to try and stop her after he told Snart and Rory to stay put. (Shockingly, they didn’t).

Sara chased down the Arrow, who was unharmed due to the kevlar he wore. Rip caught up just in time to see the pair being confronted by someone dressed as Slade Wilson, a former ally-turned-adversary of Sara and Oliver Queen. The man was in fact Slade’s son Grant, who had led an take-over of Star City fifteen years prior. Grant called in a massive number of reinforcements, but the Arrow helped the trio quickly escape.

When they were safe, the Arrow told them that Oliver was dead, and that he had tried to raise an army to resist Grant but couldn’t due to people largely choosing to leave instead. Rip warned Sara that she couldn’t change this future, and the best course of action was still to repair their ship and return to their original mission. Rip mentioned they were headed to Smoak Technologies, but the Arrow revealed most of the tech had been relocated. He led them to Oliver Queen’s former base of operations, which was clearly in disarray. Within the wrecked building they found an aged Oliver, alive, but missing an arm. Oliver was able to respark a sense of guilt within Sara by pointing out that she and Ray had left on a spaceship, and maybe if they hadn’t…

(Thanks Oliver. No love, Rip Hunter)

Always one focused on the task at hand, Rip got Oliver to tell them where the tech they needed was. Oliver was all too happy to cooperate, just to get the others to leave. The Arrow, revealed to be John Diggle, Jr. but preferring to go by Connor Hawke, went with them to the warehouse. Sara demanded to know if Rip knew, and pointed out what Oliver said. Shockingly, Rip said it was a good thing--since Sara and Ray would be returned once their mission was complete, the future they were in would never come to pass. Easy peasy, no need to worry about 2046. For Rip that meant the world they stood in wasn’t real, although Sara wasn’t so convinced, suggesting they split up largely so she could get away from Rip.

Rip managed to find what they were after, but they’d been found; Grant Wilson had recruited the massive criminal element of the city to go after them. Although Leonard and Mick showed up to help, Connor had been kidnapped. Rip knew what Sara wanted to do, but he was against it because again, in his mind, it wasn’t real. Sara couldn’t accept that, however, despite the fact that she went back to the ship. GIven the danger, she demanded that they stay and help. Jefferson and Martin agreed with Sara, but Rip still said it was pointless and dangerous both. Sara called him on his hypocrisy, pointing out that he wanted to change his own future to save his wife and son. Rip angrily told her not to play that card as he saw his mission as much bigger than just saving one family or even one city, but ultimately agreed to give her an hour, and no longer before he would leave.

He wound up giving her ninety minutes. He wanted to leave, but Martin told him that his reasons didn’t matter. For Sara it was real, which Rip admitted he knew, hence the extra 30 minutes. He then asked Gideon what their status was; she answered the ship was operational, but parked very close to where Grant had gathered the worst of the city for the execution of Connor. The longer they waited, the more likely it was that they would be discovered. When Rip asked if Martin truly wanted to risk being stuck in 2046 as it was, he said he wanted that more than he wanted to leave Sara stuck there. He asked Rip what the point of stopping Savage was, if their actions were just as reprehensible as his?

Once again, the words convinced the better part of Rip, the one who didn’t think strictly in the pragmatic ways of the Time Master. Rip and the Legends went out in force, and together with Connor and Oliver (whom Sara had talked into joining them), they defeated Grant and his forces. Later, Sara thanked Rip, who admitted she’d been right. He said he still had many things to learn, including that every future was worth fighting for. However, he also needed to know Sara was a member of the team first, as they would continue to be faced with difficult choices.

They were able to leave, but there was another difficulty; by this point Gideon’s information was out of date, and the only way to upgrade would be to go to the Vanishing Point, operational base for the Time Masters. Since this wasn’t an option and they lacked any clue of where to find Savage next, Rip isolated himself in his room. He watched the final message he’d received from his wife and son on a loop, so lost in his despair that he wasn’t aware a whole week had gone by until Martin approached him. He pretended to be doing work to find Savage; he wanted to go further back in the past so they could regain the element of surprise, but had had no luck. Martin offered to help, but an emotional Rip snapped at him. He immediately apologized, citing the incredible stakes. He revealed his self-doubt, but Martin reminded him that he was the only Time Master his family had. Rip also told him about the problem with Gideon’s database. Martin understood Rip’s frustration, but pointed out that the team was also getting antsy.

Fortunately, they received a distress signal from the stranded Time Ship Acheron, allowing them the chance to get the intel they needed. The rest of the team was skeptical, but Rip saw this as their only chance to find Savage. Surprisingly, Mick agreed--but for his own reasons. He was angry with Snart for forcibly removing him from 2046, an era Mick had wanted to stay in because it was a criminal playground. Rip had Jefferson and Martin join them, and left Ray in charge of the ship--and Kendra in charge of Ray.

As they approached, Gideon revealed that the temporal navigation of the Acheron had been disabled. While Rip said it could have been a malfunction, he asked Martin to stay behind as a safety measure. It was fortunate, since it really was a trap; it hadn’t been set by the Time Masters, however, but by Time Pirates. They captured Rip, Jefferson, and Mick, meaning to use them as leverage to get the functioning time drive of the Waverider. Rip maintained his cool, and through preset commands secretly gave Gideon orders on how to combat the pirates. The pirates of course fought back, putting a hole in the hull of the Waverider, then offered Rip a final chance to save them: if Rip surrendered the ship, the pirates would save his crew and drop them off in a place and time of their choosing. Mick wanted Rip to take the deal but he refused, and issued a final order to Gideon the revealed the version of the Waverider they’d been following was nothing more than a projection. FIguring out what Rip was really doing, the pirates put their prisoners into the brig along with Eve Baxter, TIme Master and Captain of the Acheron.

Eve was not at all a fan of Rip’s, unable to understand how he had betrayed the Time Masters. She also promised that if they did manage to escape, the first thing she would do would be to arrest him. Rip was unimpressed, and had Jefferson attempt to hack the panel so they could break out. Unfortunately the efforts failed; Mick told Jefferson it wasn’t his fault, and instead said Rip was to blame. Rip reminded Mick that he volunteered to join them, to which Mick said he joined to get away from Leonard, who hadn’t been acting like himself since they joined Rip. Increasingly frustrated, Rip blatantly insulted Mick, telling him he wasn’t surprised Mick had no solutions of his own. Mick got into Rip’s face and in turn, Jefferson got in between them, telling them both to take a breath. Rip escalated things, however, asking Mick what he would do: punch Rip in the face, burn him alive, or something else equally barbaric. When Mick pointed out that was why he was recruited, Rip was quick to correct him: he only brought Mick onboard because he knew Leonard wouldn’t join without him. As Rip put it, a serial arsonist was never part of his plans to stop Savage--much less one with the IQ of meat.

About this time, Rip realized how far he’d shoved his head up his own ass, but didn’t apologize. The closest he came was admitting he hadn’t meant to be so blunt before saying he needed a moment to think. Fed up, Mick called for the guards, saying he wanted to talk with the captain of the pirates. Realizing he meant to betray them, Rip tried to stop Mick but failed, and was left with nothing to do but slam his hands against the wall in frustration as Mick walked away.

Jefferson was able to believe that Mick had done what he had, but still thought it abhorrent. Rip, however, understood from a more objective point of view: he knew the ones aboard the Waverider were probably dead, and asked what choice Mick really had? What truly frustrated Rip was his own powerlessness; he was stuck, and his crew’s loyalty and ship were both seemingly lost. Eve, who was of course listening, snidely commented that Rip could know nothing of loyalty. He was quick to point out she was wrong, however; while he had seemingly betrayed the TIme Masters, his true loyalty was based in what he saw as a far more important oath. The reason why he agreed with Eve, that he was a failure, was not because he betrayed the Time Council; Rip felt zero regrets in that regard. Instead, because he had not lived up to the oath he made to Miranda and Jonas, he would never forgive himself.

Just when things seem impossibly bleak, however, Martin showed up; he’d actually managed to avoid capture, and freed the prisoners. He did not, however, arrive in time for them to stop Mick, who had crossed over to the Waverider on the jump ship, along with a group of pirates. What Rip and the others could still do was reclaim the Acheron--although true to form, Rip wanted to go on alone. Jefferson and Martin refused to leave him, however, and Eve refused to leave her ship. Given that they were still outnumbered, Rip gave them a plan that he had learned from the one person he no doubt admired most: Miranda herself. He copied a maneuver she had used in their training, one he called crazy at the time. Now, so many years later, he quietly thanked her for the inspiration when they had succeeded. The crew on board the Waverider defeated the pirates as well, and took Mick into custody.

Having gotten to know Rip better, and in gratitude for his help, Eve decided not just to let Rip go but to help him by giving him a location for Vandal Savage based on the latest update for the temporal database. She admitted she still didn’t understand why he was doing this, claiming that there was no higher calling than protecting history--but Rip countered, saying that there was, in the form of love.

Although Eve had taken custody of the remaining pirates, Rip and the crew had to deal with Mick. Taking him back to 2016 wasn’t an option since they wouldn’t be there to protect their loved ones. They also couldn’t keep him on the ship, as the brig wasn’t designed to be a long term option, and he clearly couldn’t be trusted to roam the ship. Leonard stepped up to say he would handle it; knowing that Snart was Mick’s partner, Rip was willing to let him, knowing full well that meant killing Mick.

Once Leonard returned, the team headed to Harmony Falls in 1958. Rip believed the key to finding Savage was investigating a series of serial murders and disappearances, and the team divided into groups. Rip and Leonard specifically pretended to be FBI agents, which allowed them to get all the information the police had gathered. Also, Rip got the opportunity to show off his American accent. They were able to discover that Savage was posting as Dr. Curtis Knox, and that he worked at the local insane asylum. He was also the neighbor of Kendra and Ray, who were posing as a married couple. Still, the full details of what Savage was doing remained elusive until Jefferson went on a date with the girlfriend of one of the missing teens. They were attacked by a hawk like-creature, and Jefferson was kidnapped while attempting to get help. Rip and the others found the girl he’d been with, heavily wounded. Analyzing her injury revealed silicate minerals, and the girl revealed that her boyfriend had come into a meteorite that mutated him into a monster.

While the group still didn’t realize what Savage was up to, Ray and Kendra revealed they’d been able to get the dagger from Savage’s house that the team had attempted to steal earlier, meaning they had a way to kill Savage. Rip wanted to attack Savage with their full force, but Sara suggested they go after his weaknesses instead. Kendra then volunteered to be the bait, as Savage lusted after her. She would kill him while he was off-guard.

Kendra met with Savage at the asylum while Rip, Ray, and Sara were stationed nearby, listening in case something went wrong. Leonard and Martin explored the hall where Savage kept his private patients, suspecting Jefferson was there. Unfortunately (as always), things didn’t go to plan. Savage was aware Kendra knew who he was, and Ray and Rip were caught by a corrupt police officer. Savage released the mutated hawk creatures, who were all people he’d infected with the meteorite in order to build an army. This worked to the team’s advantage, however, as one of the creatures attacked the officer holding Rip and Ray captive. Rip took care of the policeman while the team subdued the hawks and fought off Savage, although they weren’t able to kill him for good. They did, however, capture Jefferson, who had been mutated by Savage. Martin was able to develop a cure with the help of Gideon, and restored everyone that Savage had changed.

The team tied up loose ends with the people they had connected to in preparation to leave. Martin, Jefferson, Rip, and Leonard waited on the ship, where they were attacked by everyone’s favorite stalker, Chronos. He managed to get onto the ship, incapacitated Rip, and kidnapped Leonard while Martin and Jefferson initially attempted to escape according Rip’s orders, but came back after they had merged. Chronos also launched the timeship, leaving Sara, Ray, and Kendra in 1958. He escaped in the jump ship, but not before sabotaging the navigation system. Because Gideon had been locked out by superior technology, Rip had to reboot her, which left him, Martin, and Jefferson free-falling through time.

Although this process only took a short while for those three, for the ones left in 1958, two years had passed. Rip and the others had been unable to return to the moment when they left due to Chronos’s interference. Ray and Kendra had spent their two years living as a married couple, while Sara eventually left because she believed the team was dead. They found Sara had returned to Nanda Parbat, home of the League of Assassins, in order to find herself, in part because Rip had done his graduate thesis on the League’s history. They went to Nanda Parbat where Rip snuck in to retrieve Sara; she seemingly betrayed them, however, by alerting the League to their presence and having them captured.

While they were imprisoned and awaiting execution, Rip explained that Sara was suffering from time drift, which made her believe she belonged in this time period. Kendra revealed she must have been suffering the same, as she hadn’t been able to access her powers in two years, and she’d been losing memories of her past lives. By recalling League law Rip was able to issue a challenge for their freedom, but hadn’t quite gotten it right. Instead of fighting Ra’s al Ghul, the man chose Sara to be his champion. In turn, Rip chose Kendra, believing she could reach Sara’s humanity as she had once before. It only just worked, with Sara regaining herself just before killing Kendra--and just before Chronos attacked. Because he was there for Rip and the others, and because his future weaponry couldn’t be matched by the League, Ra’s released Rip and the others to fight him. Together the team finally managed to beat Chronos, and were about to kill him when Leonard showed up. He stopped the team by having them take off Chronos’ mask, and revealing that Chronos was in fact Mick Rory.

Leonard had been unable to kill Mick, and instead abandoned him but promised to return. After a great deal of time passed, Mick had been instead found by the Time Masters. They used their induction process to turn him into Chronos, meaning to remove any trace of who he once was. They also gave him several lifetimes worth of knowledge and training. Throughout all of it, Mick had retained his hatred, however, and desired to kill all of the team. The Legends demanded an explanation from Leonard, who pointed out he never said he actually killed Mick--then lamented that maybe he should have, considering what had been done to him. Rip, however, saw an opportunity: they could reform Mick, who had attacked them while under the influence of the Time Masters. The other members of the team ultimately agreed, each for their own reasons. The most hopeful was Rip himself, who told Leonard that miracles abounded on the timeship.

He then took Leonard to the medbay, since Leonard had removed his own hand in order to free himself and save Mick. Rip had failed to mention that he’d taken genetic samples and that the Waverider possessed the ability to restore limbs; when Leonard asked why, Rip said it was simply because none of them had lost a limb before.

Ba dum tish.

With fewer and fewer options, Rip decided to head to 2147, a few decades before Savage would conquer the world. Because he had been a part of world altering history, Savage’s presence hadn’t been hidden during that time. Rip had always known Savage would be there, but because of how much danger they would face, he hadn’t been willing to risk it before. Now, however, there remained no choice.

As they traveled, Rip went to see Mick. He wanted to ask for Mick’s help, as they were going to 2147. He also apologized to Mick for failing him. He lied to Mick, denied the man’s nature to himself, and when Mick acted as himself, Rip had been the one to ask Leonard to deal with him--something unknown to the team, who had all been blaming Snart. Rip wished to turn Mick’s anger from Snart onto himself, but Mick said he wanted to kill both of them. Gideon interrupted them to say they had arrived in their destination year, and Rip left Mick, knowing he wouldn’t be able to sway the man.

Instead he focused on their mission within the Kasnian Conglomerate; they’ve tracked Savage down to a meeting of shareholders. It didn’t seem like much, but Savage would launch his world-conquering attack from that location in twenty years. The goal was to figure out how Savage rose to power within the Conglomerate. As he led the team around, Rip described the year as the world’s zenith--then revealed that in five years, a dictator named Per Degaton released a disease called the Armageddon virus, which killed off most of the world’s population. While they walked towards the meeting, several robots flew by. Ray recognized that their design was based on his suit. The robots then attacked a purse snatcher with far more force than was necessary for a basic crime. Disturbed by this, Ray wanted to go see how they had gotten and altered his design; Rip suggested he take Martin and Jefferson, leaving himself, Sara, and Leonard to go to the meeting.

Using a pair of contacts, Rip was able to sneak in, although Sara and Leonard were denied access. He watched as during the meeting Savage tried to sway Tor Degaton, the majority shareholder, to release the Armageddon virus as a means of population control. Tor wouldn’t have it, however, and quickly quashed the topic.

After the meeting Rip followed Savage, and saw him meet with a young Per Degaton. Savage was in fact the boy’s tutor, and had all but swayed the boy by acting as a father figure in Tor’s stead. Rip understood now how Savage would use Per Degaton to prepare the world for conquest, and because of his awareness of the future, also knew that Savage would kill Per Degaton when he had no further use of him. The team then discussed how they could stop Savage from using Per Degaton--with Rip’s suggestion being to kill the boy now, while he was young and lacked power.

Of course most of the team was horrified by this notion, but Rip talked a good game. He said that Per Degaton’s history was taught to children of his time in the same way that Hitler’s was taught in the 21st century. Still, the team wouldn’t have it; instead they convinced Rip to remove him from the timeline. In an ideal world, this would have the same effect. At the same time, Ray wanted to find a way to stop the robot army that was enforcing Tor Degaton’s rule, and would in time be used by Savage in his conquest.

While part of the team went to Palmer Tech, Rip, Sara, and Leonard successfully captured Per Degaton and brought him to the time ship. Despite this, however, the timeline remained unaltered. In response to the team’s disbelief, Rip pointed out once more that time wanted to happen. The scope of Savage’s effect on history could not be so easily stopped or swayed. This once more brought up the issue of killing Per Degaton. Rip reminded them all that Per Degaton would be responsible for the deaths of billions of people within a few years, including his own family. Still the team resisted, with Jefferson suggesting they try talking to the kid. Rip rejected the idea, believing that the years of influence Savage had already had would be too great to overcome, despite Sara’s belief that Per Degaton could still change.

Realizing that he could not change the minds of his team, Rip took Per Degaton from the medbay where he was being held under sedation. When Per Degaton awoke, he asked Rip who he was, to which Rip replied: “that’s an excellent question.” He then used the jump ship to take Per Degaton to a remote spot near a river, where he would have long enough to do what he needed to do without the team interfering.

While looking out over the water, Rip asked if Per Degaton’s father taught him to swim. He realized the obvious answer, that it was far more likely that some tutor had done it. The truth was that Rip’s son had desperately wanted to learn how to swim, and Rip simply never found the time to teach him. Now he never could, because his son was dead. Coldly, Per Degaton realized the truth: Rip had taken him there to kill him. Rip said it was to save his son: Per Degaton’s life for Jonas Hunter’s. He pulled his gun and aimed it at Per Degaton with an apology, but the boy wasn’t afraid. He said Vandal Savage had taught him many things, and that he could see in Rip’s eyes that he was too weak to be a killer. Even as Rip insisted he had to and cocked the hammer of the gun, Per Degaton remained confident.

And he was right.

Rip pulled away the gun, unable to go through with it. He told Per Degaton the truth about Vandal, that he only saw the boy as a pawn. Rip also realized that while he’d told himself countless times that there was nothing he wouldn’t do to save his wife and son, he discovered a line he couldn’t cross. And unlike Per Degaton, Rip didn’t consider it weakness. He saw it as goodness, and if such goodness could exist in him, then he in turn had to believe it could exist even in Per Degaton. He implored Per Degaton to be the man his father wanted to be, rather than what Savage wanted.

Meanwhile, in an attempt to reclaim Per Degaton, Savage and Tor attacked the Waverider. The team defended themselves while Ray went to Palmer Tech to shut down the robots. Unfortunately, Savage had managed to overpower Sara; holding a knife to her throat, he demanded that they surrender Rip Hunter in exchange for Sara’s life. Rip, however, had just arrived with Per Degaton as his hostage, offering instead to trade the boy for Sara’s return and the team’s safe passage. Both Per Degaton and Savage told Tor not to take the deal, but to save his son, Tor agreed.

Unfortunately, their efforts changed nothing for the better; the Armageddon virus was in fact released earlier, as Savage convinced Per Degaton to kill his father five years before Tor originally died. Acting as Per Degaton’s proxy, Savage released the Armageddon virus himself, mere days after the team’s departure. In a moment of doubt Rip asked Gideon if he’d done the right thing. When she pointed out that not committing murder was generally considered the right thing, Rip said that in this instance, he had to wonder.

At least Leonard had managed to get through to Mick--by letting Mick beat the crap beat out of him. Mick regained enough of himself to not only spare Snart, but to warn the team about the Hunters that would be coming after them now that Chronos had failed to capture or kill them. To keep themselves safe after Mick suggested they run, Rip took the team to Salvation, Dakota territory, in 1871. The town was a fragmentation, a blind spot that couldn’t be seen by the Time Masters.

Despite the danger, the team, especially Ray, were excited to be in the Old West. Rip wanted them to stay on board but essentially got outvoted, again. Mick promised Rip he would watch over them while behaving himself. Rip gave them era-appropriate weapons, although he told them they should only be used in case of extreme emergency. Kendra and Martin were a little surprised that Rip wouldn’t be coming, since he wore a duster and used a laser-shooting revolver in the same style of the guns of that era. Rip admitted he did love the era, but said it would be better if he stayed aboard the ship.

In other words, he was once again keeping secrets from his team.

Shockingly, the Legends went out, got drunk, and ended up in a bar brawl. Leonard shot a member of the Stillwater gang who had been about to kill Martin, causing the whole saloon to erupt into violence. Eventually it was stopped by a bounty hunter named Jonah Hex, who recognized the group as time travelers and demanded to know where Rip was. They brought him back to the ship. Jonah acted with a familiarity that made it clear to the other Legends that he and Rip knew each other. He also told the Legends that the rest of the town would pay for their murdering the man from the Stillwater gang, as Jeb Stillwater would bring his posse in to make someone pay. Ray immediately said that they would have to go through the Legends, and in turn Rip immediately told him no. They could still do damage to the timeline and worse, alert the Hunters to their presence. Jonah said it sounded like Rip was planning to leave again, referring of course to Calvert.

Ray, however, demanded they stay, saying that they weren’t there just to stop Savage but to also be heroes. He left the ship with Jonah, and got made sheriff of the town. He also managed to run Jeb Stillwater out of town, although Jonah again pointed out it was still temporary. At the same time, Martin encountered a woman who was grieving because her son was dying. In spite of how it could alter history, Martin went to examine the boy. He had consumption, tuberculosis, a disease Martin could easily cure.

Rip over all did not approve, and in fact, neither did Jonah He saw it as them stirring up trouble for the people they would eventually leave behind, just as had been the case in Calvert. Rip, however, refused to let Jonah explain what he meant, and asked to speak to Jonah in private. In the meantime, the team looked up Calvert, and discovered the town had been destroyed.

With this knowledge and in the same spirit that Ray possessed when he acted as sheriff, Martin had Gideon fabricate simplistic medicine that existed in a time close to that era to cure the boy he’d seen earlier. He was caught by Ray and Rip, but wouldn’t hear their naysaying, particularly from Rip, who tried to point out that leaving future technology behind, even something like streptomycin, could do incredible harm to the future. Martin, however, said it wasn’t about their mission to stop Savage or future technology being brought to the past. He and Ray demanded to know the truth about Calvert, and why it meant so much to Rip.

So Rip came clean. He explained what had happened, how he fell in love with the era because he suffered from time drift. He also told them he tore himself away, and that Calvert was destroyed the next day. Martin assumed Rip would understand his actions, but Rip claimed not to, again citing the potential damage to the timeline both from the advanced medicine and the boy’s survival. Martin, however, said he wouldn’t live with the regret he could see on Rip’s face, and left with the drug.

Through information Martin had gathered earlier, Jonah was able to figure out where the Stillwater gang was staying. Ray was eager to ride out, but when Jonah asked Rip if he would come, Rip just silently shook his head. Jonah wasn’t surprised. Sara and Kendra had left on a personal trip, so Ray, Leonard, Mick, Jonah, and Jefferson went to arrest Jeb Stillwater. They managed to get their man, but Jefferson got captured. Forced to retreat due to both the numbers and a lack of ammo, they returned to the ship.

They tried to figure out how to get Jefferson back without releasing Stillwater, as doing so would only put the town back in danger. Jonah suggested a quickdraw, as the only better idea would be for them to use their future tech against the gang. He knew that Rip would be against it, however, which Rip confirmed. At that point, they had to figure out who would be the one to participate in the quickdraw. Ray volunteered, but the other members of the team knew he wasn’t a good pick.

Rip told Jonah he couldn’t believe the man was encouraging this, then went into his office with Jonah following. Jonah said it was the only way, and Rip loudly said Ray was going to get himself killed. Ray believed Rip didn’t get to have an opinion since thus far, he had refused to even leave the ship. Martin said it was because of Calvert, which Rip confirmed, but said it wasn’t in the way the team thought. It was only then that he told them the whole truth, that the chance to be a hero and do good for people was enticing. Jonah pointed out he still managed to leave, and asked if Rip still would have if he’d known what was going to happen--to which Rip answered that he had known.

Then Rip got punched in the face, which he deserved, let’s be honest.

But Rip knew he had to choose between being a Time Master and between being a hero back then, so he gave in to what he at the time believed was the higher calling. However, since he was no longer a Time Master in the present, Rip decided that he would be the one to face Stillwater in the quickdraw, as he preferred for Ray to stay alive.

The quickdraw was arranged, with simple terms: if Rip won, Jefferson would be set free. If he lost, Stillwater would be the one to walk. Rip, fortunately, turned out to be both a good and a fast shot; he won the draw, killed Stillwater, and rescued Jefferson who was duly impressed that Rip had shot a man just to save him.

Of course, since nothing could ever be simple, the Hunters they had been hiding from showed up. Rip thankfully had brought along Ray’s suit and his revolvers, one of which he loaned to Jonah--loaned, thank you, he wanted it back. Because the Hunters fought with future tech the team felt free to use their own advanced weapons and superpowers, and were able to kill the trio. Before the last one died, however, he warned Mick that their fight was futile; the Time Masters had issued an Omega Protocol, and would be sending a fighter called the Pilgrim after them.

Rip had a chance to say goodbye to Jonah, who was also packing up to leave. Rip suggested Jonah could stay to be sheriff, but Jonah said he wasn’t the law-enforcement type, or the type to settle in one place, which RIp said they had in common. He wished Jonah well, and said perhaps they would see each other again. Able to finally forgive Rip, Jonah said that would be okay.

Leonard approached Rip to ask if he had some way to erase the town’s memories, given what they’d all seen. Rip didn’t, but said that skepticism and disbelief would do that job for them. No one who heard about what happened would believe it. Thus they were free to leave that era, although Martin checked on Rip to see if he felt a need to stay. Rip said that when he’d left that time before, he’d done so to be with the people he was closest to, and this time was no different.

More importantly was the matter of the Pilgrim. Both Rip and Mick described her as the Time Master’s most dangerous and lethal assassin due to her methods: she wouldn’t come after the team in the present, when they could defend themselves. Instead she would kill each of them in the past, and erase them from history.

In order to save themselves, Rip and the others used Gideon to determine where the Pilgrim would strike. Their first stop was 1990 Central City, where a teenaged Mick Rory had lit his house on fire and killed his own family. They managed to successfully stop her, and took younger Mick with them to ensure his safety. Rip knew that in order to cause as few ripples in the timeline as possible, the Pilgrim would only have one shot at each member of the team. Likewise, the team would only have one chance to stop her. Thankfully Gideon was able to track the Pilgrim’s timeship to Starling City, 2007, and the team in turn knew they had to look for a young Sara.

Again, they took the younger version with them, leaving young Mick and young Sara in the cargo bay so they didn’t find out exactly what was happening to them. Unfortunately, after this attempt the Time Masters helped disguise the Pilgrim’s movements, leaving Rip and the Legends unable to find her. Rip tried to tell the team not to panic, but what he had to offer wasn’t exactly reassuring. He pointed out that killing Kendra would be pointless because she reincarnated, while the Pilgrim wouldn’t target Rip because he’d been a Time Master. Leonard saw it less as comfort and more as convenience for Rip, since up to this point they knew very little about his past. Shockingly, Rip’s prior lies and secrets hadn’t inspired a sense of trust, and even when Rip tried to say that by lacking information to offer, the members of the team weren’t as valuable to their enemies, Snart didn’t buy it.

Their “exchange of ideas,” however, was interrupted when Sara noticed her younger self fighting with Mick’s younger self on the monitor--thank goodness for distractions. Of course, what passed for peace on the ship wouldn’t last long. A short time after, Ray collapsed while talking to Kendra, suddenly suffering severe injuries for seemingly no reason. They got Ray to the medbay, but Gideon discovered the truth: there was an anomaly in his personal timeline in 2014, caused by the Pilgrim’s attack. Rip had Gideon take them there immediately, knowing that they had a very small window to stop the assassin and save Ray’s life. Rip and Firestorm were, fortunately, able to fend off the Pilgrim.

Despite the success, Rip knew that they had been lucky; not only had they only just gotten there in time, the Pilgrim possessed the ability to manipulate time in her immediate vicinity, meaning she could turn the attacks of the team back on them. They had saved Ray, but instead of waiting for the Pilgrim’s next move, Rip decided to time jump to the births of each of the remaining team members, take them while they were newborns, and remove them from history while still keeping them alive. While the other members of the team were uncertain, Mick considered the plan suicidal. He knew, as Rip did, that if they were removed from the timeline for too long that their history would change, and they wouldn’t have a home to return to.

Given the danger, however, Rip was able to convince them to go along with the plan. The team was divided into groups (although per Rip’s plan, no one participated in their own kidnapping, a measure he called “paradox prevention), and managed to successfully steal the babies. They then headed towards a place Rip described as a safe harbor for their younger selves, where they were greeted by by an older woman. Rip happily returned the warm greeting, and called the woman “Mother,” much to the shock of the team. The lady, Mary Xavier, offered them all tea and snacks, although she had to stop one of her wards from stealing a treat. While they rested, they had a chance to learn who Mary was--particularly when Rip warned Jefferson not to slouch, as the “tough as nails” woman would kill him if she found out.

Mary confirmed she was Rip’s adopted mother, and revealed her role as an employee of the Time Masters. Her loyalty, however, was with the children she cared for, which was why her home was called the Refuge. She also addressed Rip by his birth name, once again surprising the team, and told them he had been an orphan with nothing more than his clothing when he was first brought to her. The team took a quick liking to her, with Leonard going out of his way to warn Mary that even as a baby he was a tough case. She retorted that he wasn’t her first, and shared a knowing look with Rip.

Although Rip knew they had to continue forward, he couldn’t bring himself to leave easily. Instead he watched a group of children play, including the one who had attempted to steal the treat earlier. Mary approached him, offering some mince pies for, as she called them, his friends. Rip took the goods, but disagreed with her notion; instead of friends, he saw the team as the group of people he’d put in danger for his own selfish mission. Mary would have none of it, however, and informed Rip that she knew he was brought to her for a reason. He would do great things, but not by wallowing, and she told him in no uncertain terms to straighten up. Rip tried to point out that Mary too was in danger, but she easily answered that she’d given him her best serving dish, meaning she fully expected to see him again. Thoroughly defeated, Rip finally listened, leaving as Mary shooed him away with a smile.

The team means to form a plan of their own, but Gideon had intercepted a message from the Pilgrim. Because she had been thwarted by their efforts, she kidnapped the dearest person to each member of the team (aside from Rip and Kendra, confirming Rip’s earlier assumption.) She wanted to make an exchange: the loved ones for the team’s younger selves. Rip, however, refused to let such a sacrifice be made, and countered her offer:

He would give the Pilgrim his younger self. By killing Michael before he became Rip, the Pilgrim would stop the team from ever having been formed. His crew would be spared, and their loved ones safe. The Pilgrim was skeptical, but Rip simply stated that enough people had died at his expense. Leonard would get his wish: he would see Rip’s younger self.

Rip chose an abandoned outpost as a neutral meeting place, and contacted Mary so she would bring his younger self--the same boy who had to be shooed away from the treats, and whom Rip had watched play earlier. Then events unfolded as already described, as this was the same encounter Michael had experienced as a ten-year-old boy. When all was done and Mary took Michael away, Rip revealed to the team that he had been a cutpurse by five. Because Rip knew who he had been, he also knew that his younger self wouldn’t stand idly by when someone threatened to do him harm. He wasn’t proud of it, however, admitting to Leonard that he’d tried to forget his roots--and had failed.

Back at the Refuge, Rip confirmed with Mary that she would still need to keep their younger selves save, as the Omega Protocol remained in effect. They reminisced about his first day, Rip remarking that he was a mean little bastard. He called himself selfish, while Mary said he was surviving--and Rip said he was home. Mary maintained her confidence, certain Rip would return, that he wouldn’t be beaten, and kissed him on the forehead to say goodbye.

The other members of the team spoke to their loved ones, offering explanations and in some cases, amnesia pills so they would forget. Martin, however, couldn’t convince his wife of who he was; she had forgotten him, which was the effect of his newborn self being pulled from history. On the other hand, Jefferson emotionally warned his father to be careful while he was deployed, as the man had been killed before Jefferson even knew him. Rip offered each comfort, promising Martin again that he wouldn’t let his marriage be destroyed, and telling Jefferson that while time wanted to happen, perhaps time wanted him to have his father.

The situation took away all other options; because time was beginning to set, they had to go after Savage during the one period Rip had wanted to avoid above all others: 2166, at the height of Savage’s power--and right before he would kill Rip’s family.

Upon arrival they were immediately fired upon by Savage’s forces. The managed to land safely, and Rip began to rush. Martin wanted to deliberate, to plan, but Rip wouldn’t have it. He knew that Savage would be out in the open that night, and took Leonard, Mick, and Sara with him to kidnap the man.

Want to guess how that turned out?

While they stood disguised as Savage’s soldiers, they were made by his lieutenant, a young woman. Deciding to act on their own, Mick and Leonard purposely tripped Rip while they followed after Savage, exposing him to everyone present. Savage escaped in the resulting fight, and the team were forced to fall back due to the overwhelming numbers. Rip was understandably pissed, as he’d been put into what he saw as needless danger without any hint of what the pair had planned. The only good news from the encounter was that Kendra recognized the bracelet worn by the lieutenant, which had been hers in her first life. Because she’d worn it when Savage killed her for the first time, it in turn could be used to kill Savage.

Fortunately, they had thieves on board: Leonard and Mick would come up with a plan to steal the bracelet, while Rip went to make contact with the nearby Resistance forces. Sara got the lucky task of working with Kendra to figure out how to make jewelry into a lethal weapon, as she was the trained assassin of the team.

They found the Resistance, who demanded to know why they should be trusted. Rip told them that his wife and son were in Whitechapel, which they knew had been hit hard. He told them that they would suffer the same without help--and that if they had been part of Savage’s forces, they would already be dead.

Accepting that, the leader took Rip, Ray, Jefferson, and Martin back to a refugee camp. The leader asked Rip if he thought his wife and child were there, but he knew they weren’t. While Jefferson and Martin went to get provisions for the refugees, Ray asked Rip why he wasn’t looking for his family. It was then that Rip told him about the multiple efforts he’d made to save them, and how time and time again, he failed and watched them die. He described it as a funny feeling, knowing that the universe itself wanted his family dead--which was likely the first time he’d been so rawly honest about the despair he’d been fighting against.

By that time the leader returned, demanding answers as there were no records of Rip, and the other three were long dead. Rip told her it would take too long to explain, and that they just needed to get close to Savage. Unfortunately, because of their attack earlier that night, Savage had gone to ground. An urgent transmission interrupted them, as the rebel’s Delta camp called out for help.

They rushed to the area, but by the time the got there, the camp had been totally destroyed, leaving no survivors. Back on the Waverider, Ray suggested that he and Martin try and figure out what the weapon was that Savage was using. Rip okayed it, but told Rip that they were there to kill Savage, not merely slow him down. He then asked if Snart and Rory had a plan, which they did--to walk into Savage’s citadel and take it off the woman’s wrist. They left to go do that, while Sara brought up the bracelet dilemma again. Rip suggested looking at Aldus’ diary, although Kendra was skeptical. He implored her to look again regardless.

The group’s luck started to change for the better: Leonard and Mick got the bracelet! Granted, the lieutenant was still wearing it when they got back to the ship, but details. They put her in the brig, where Rip greeted them by sarcastically saying he almost thought they could go a whole week without kidnapping someone. The lieutenant greeted Rip by the name “Gareeb,” the same title Savage and his followers used. She also knew who Snart and the rest of the team were, because as it turned out, the woman was Cassandra Savage, the daughter of Vandal Savage.

The team conferred to check their status: Kendra had figured out that by melting the bracelet and pouring the molten metal over Carter’s mace, she could create the weapon they needed. Sara suggested that Cassandra could give them information about Savage’s whereabouts, and although Rip was frustrated and skeptical, Leonard stepped up to make it happen.

While the team worked, so did Savage; his forces found the rebel camp, having assumed they were responsible for Cassandra’s capture. Just as Ray and Martin figured out that Savage’s weapon had to be something massive, as Delta Camp looked like it had been walked on by a giant, the earth began to shake. As it turned out, the weapon was a giant robot called “the Leviathan,” and it was getting closer. Knowing they would have to fight but the refugees would be in danger, Martin had them all come aboard the Waverider. Rip was pretty angry, but in his heart he knew Martin was right--even if he couldn’t admit it. Instead he had Gideon prepare for take-off and for battle. Unfortunately they couldn’t stop the Leviathan from grabbing their ship out of the air and hurling it through the air, forcing them to crash miles away. As Rip realized what was going to happen, he said that it would be a good time to start praying.

After the crash, when Rip came to, his first ask was to ask Gideon their status. He tried to camouflage their presence, but the Leviathan was already headed their way. Worse, their engines had been damaged so they couldn’t run--in the Waverider. Rip, however said they could outrun it in the jump ship. Martin stopped him, pointing out that the jump ship seated 7, meaning the refugees would be left helpless. In the middle of his please, however, Martin realized he’d been impaled during the crash. Rip took him to the medical bay, promising he would be okay. Jefferson also arrived, and Martin implored him to make sure they didn’t leave the children before he fell asleep due to a sedative.

Unable to do anything in the limited amount of time they had before the Leviathan arrived, Rip headed into his office. Ray found him to ask how repairs were going, but Rip told him the truth, and lamented that they brought all those people on board only to buy them extra time to live in fear. Ray wanted to figure out a plan, but Rip had lost all hope. He only saw one outcome for everyone on board--the same outcome that befell his family, whom he couldn’t save. Ray argued against Rip’s belief in fate, however, believing instead that they could choose to fight, even if there seemed to be no hope--they just had to kill Savage. Rip, to the point of tears, turned away from Ray, knowing that chance of success was fading as well.

Kendra and Leonard walked in then, each revealing that they could still fight: Kendra showed him the modified mace, while Leonard told them that he had convinced Cassandra to come to their side. They had a way in, a way to fight Savage, and Ray even had a way to fight the Leviathan. Hearing this, Rip ran his hands over his face to regain his composure; these people, as problematic as they had been, had restored his hope. He still believed in fate: the fate that had him bring his team together so they could at last change the future.

Rip was part of the group to infiltrate Savage’s headquarters, where he, Sara, Leonard, Mick, and Cassandra would hold off Savage’s soldiers to allow Kendra the chance to fight and kill Savage. They couldn’t overpower his forces entirely due to their numbers, and instead were buying time. When it took longer than expected, however, Rip went into the other room to see what was going on. He found Kendra poised to kill Savage, but hesitating, and unconscious on the floor nearby? Was the reincarnation of Kendra’s love, Carter Hall. Savage had found him and purposely locked away his memories so he wouldn’t remember his past lives. Savage told Kendra he was the only one who could free Carter’s mind, so if she killed him, she lost him.

Kendra was torn, but Rip wasn’t; he implored Kendra to finish it, desperately reminding her that if Savage lived, his family would die. She couldn’t bring herself to do it, however, and tearfully apologized to Rip. Despite his anger, Rip couldn’t help but understand her motivations. So he took it out on Savage, knocking the man out so they could make their escape and bring him back to the Waverider, along with Carter.

Despite everything, Rip managed to maintain that hope he’d found. Even though Savage lived, he’d been defeated before he could kill Miranda and Jonas. And it turned out there was even more reason for that hope: Raymond defeated the Leviathan. Upon examining the tech, they realized that even 2166 wasn’t that advanced. Rip realized this meant that Savage himself had been employing time travel--and that meant the Time Masters had to see his actions as a crime.

After plotting a course to the Vanishing Point, Rip went down to see Savage and confront him with the evidence. He got Savage to confirm he’d learned how to travel through time, specifically because of Rip. Almost four thousand years had passed between their first encounter and their second, and Savage figured out that only traveling through time would allow such a thing, as Rip wasn’t immortal. Over the centuries that followed, Savage figured out how it worked, and used it to his advantage. Rip also realized that was the reason why Savage had been so hard to locate throughout history: he wasn’t experiencing it linearly, but rather skipping through it.

Savage then compared himself and Rip, stating they both were doing what they had to to save the world. Of course Rip didn’t see it that way, as Savage meant to conquer it. Savage argued that because he was immortal he was the only one suited to rule the world: he was a Master of Time. His confidence saw Rip leave the room, and fearful that Savage still posed a threat, Rip had Gideon go as fast as they could despite the ship still being damaged.

As they made the shaky trip, Sara went to check on Rip, realizing that he wasn’t thinking clearly. The timeline still remained unchanged, and Rip’s family was still slated to die. For Rip, however, that was all the more reason to get to the Vanishing Point quickly, and as the ship had been his for thirteen years, he believed he knew its limits.

So naturally, something blew up just to prove he was wrong.

Also because Rip was in fact wrong, and his overeagerness had in fact caused the time drive to fail. Martin worried that they could be stuck, but Rip assured him the jump ship had an auxiliary time drive that could make a single trip back to 2016, returning the Legends should the Waverider be broken beyond repair. He was confident, however, that Jefferson could fix the time drive, and sent him to do just that. He instructed Jefferson on what to do over the comms, then checked with Gideon to see what the radiation levels were. When Gideon reported that they were above maximum, Martin wanted to pull Jefferson out, but Rip waived it off; he said Jefferson should be done before there were any adverse effects.

Again, wrong. Again, things blow up.

Okay, so technically it was a power surge that threw Jefferson back, not an explosion. Either way, Martin and Rip found him unconscious and brought him to the medical bay. Because of the temporal radiation, Jefferson’s body began to age at an incredibly accelerated rate.

Rip returned to the bridge, where he put on a record and asked GIdeon if Jefferson’s efforts had been successful. While they had, the ship’s systems needed to reboot, which Rip prompted her to begin. He also asked about any alterations to the timeline; Gideon repeated what Sara had, that there were none.

Speaking of Sara, she had been in the doorway, listening. After a conversation with Savage, she was suspicious of Rip. Savage had told her Rip would sell them out to save his family--and Rip in turn told her that he wasn’t wrong. Unable to listen to the music any longer he turned it off, then confessed that Jefferson was facing death because Rip had sent him to fix the time drive--instead of going himself. Even Rip wasn’t sure of his motivation behind the choice, if he had sent someone else due to the risk, and that he was vexed by the possibility. Sara, in turn, said she was “vexed” by knowing that they’d thrown in with someone who cared more about himself than the people he was leading, then walked away in disgust.

Leonard and Mick weren’t any more impressed, and went to confront Rip a bit later. He asked for their faith, but the men weren’t inclined to offer it. Neither was Sara, who told the pair what Rip had said about selling them out. Leonard and Mick wanted off, so Rip told them about the jump ship and said they were free to go. The mission, after all, had always been voluntary. Snart and Rory were quick to say goodbye, although Sara opted to stay.

Before the men could get to the jump ship, however Martin used it to cure Jefferson (because science!); however, this required sending it to 2016, meaning everyone else was stuck. Then to make things worse, Savage was able to goad Ray into a fist-fight, where he knocked out the scientist and used his palm print to open the door. He freed the brainwashed Carter Hall as well, and disengaged Gideon. This forced Rip to rely on old fashioned methods to navigate the Time Stream--specifically, paper maps and manual controls. He assigned Martin to serve as engineer due to his scientific background, and Sara as navigator because, as he put it, no one was better to make tough calls under extreme pressure. The others went to try and recapture Savage and Carter.

Given that the sounds of battle gradually grew closer, Rip left to help the others, with Sara taking his place as pilot. He managed to knock away Carter and help Kendra up, although everyone else from their side had been knocked out. Savage fired at Kendra, but Rip threw himself in way of the blast, and passed out. Thankfully, watching Savage choke Kendra was enough to unlock his memories, and he turned on Savage--only to get stabbed. Kendra then used her rage to knock out Savage, saving everyone. This included Carter, who wasn’t dead!

Finally the ship made it to the Vanishing Point. Considering they were the most wanted time criminals in history, the Time Masters took control of the ship. Rip was quick to site regulations, calling for a meeting of the Time Council, and said he was there to justify his crimes. As he led Savage out, Savage asked how Rip escaped. That was when Rip told him about the novelty pen--and assured him the guards at the Vanishing Point were much harder to bribe.

With his prisoner, his evidence, and even Savage’s confession (recorded from earlier), Rip triumphantly made his accusations, expecting that the Time Council would act to restore history. Instead, they ordered that Savage be returned to 2166, forcing Rip to realize that the Time Council had been working with Savage all along. Rip was arrested, as was most of the rest of his team; only Leonard and Sara managed to elude capture.

Savage found Rip in his cage, taking a moment to gloat--and show off the pen from 4000 years prior, which he had taken from the guard whom he presumably killed. He then excused himself, for the express purpose of killing Rip’s family. Rip threw himself against the walls of his cage, screaming in rage, but was unable to do anything to stop Savage.

The rest of the team was imprisoned with him, each in individual cells. Because Martin had sent Jefferson away, he was slowly dying because they couldn’t merge. Mick knew that the Time Council would try and brainwash him again, admitting the first time it was only by focusing on his hatred that he kept hold of himself. As predicted, they took him away, along with Kendra, who was loaded onto Vandal’s ship.

Rip was taken to Time Master Druce, to ask why he hadn’t been killed yet. They were hoping he would tell them where Leonard and Sara were, and promised to let Rip’s crew live if he cooperated. Rip cited the deal in the USSR, when Druce had tricked him. Druce called him a fugitive from justice, but Rip could say the same of Druce; after all, he was the one working with Savage. Druce responded by saying the only difference between them was that Druce had seen more of the timeline; less than a decade after Savage took over the world, an alien race from the planet Thanagar would attack earth. The Time Masters saw Savage as the only way to beat them, as he would lead the world under his singular rule. Without Savage, humanity would be destroyed, including the Time Masters themselves.

Rip refused to believe him, so Druce took him to the Oculus Viewing Chamber. Through this, all of time could be seen, but not possibilities: actualities, what would be. Beyond that, time could also be manipulated, by controlling the actions of people. He revealed that Rip had been guided to help Savage--hindering Savage when they needed him to, using Rip to keep Savage from being directed, letting Carter die to give him more power. He told Rip to look within, to see for himself. Rip saw both past and future, and confirmed that Druce had in fact been telling the truth. Free will didn’t exist, except at the Vanishing Point itself.

Desperately, Rip tried to deny what he had seen, screaming that no one controlled him. For a final blow, Druce said that even Rip’s anger had been manipulated--and that his family’s death had been sanctioned to ensure he had a reason to obsessively chase Savage throughout time.

Utterly broken, Rip was returned to his cell. On seeing him, Martin believed he’d been tortured. Rip told them what happened, that they’d been used--and said Ray of all people should believe it, as Rip had seen his death. Rip had given up completely, and Martin had done the same. Ray still held hope, however, believing in Sara and Snart. The pair did indeed have a plan; they time jumped away, which meant Druce no longer saw a reason to keep Rip, Martin, and Ray alive. However, the time jump was a ruse, as the Waverider immediately returned to the same point and attacked. Leonard arrived and took out Druce and his guard, but before he could free the others? Chronos came in. Declan ordered Chronos to kill Snart--but in fact, Mick had resisted the induction for a second time, and turned on Declan, killing him.

As Savage had already left with Kendra and Carter, the others returned to the Waverider. Rip called on Gideon, who said it was wonderful to be back together. Rip admitted he had missed her as well, and then it was down to business! Using Chronos’s armor, they were able to hack into the Time Master’s system and escape the Vanishing Point.

After catching up Sara and Leonard up with what they learned about the Oculus, Every potential course of action became questionable, as it could be what the Time Masters wanted--so Raymond suggested the do the one thing they certainly wouldn’t desire. His idea was to destroy the Oculus itself. Because it was located within the Vanishing Point, they could act according to their own choices there, and free themselves from any further control. The Legends all agreed, with Rip specifically deciding that if he were going to be a puppet, he’d be the one to cut his own strings.

Arriving at the Oculus Wellspring, the group exited the ship--and were immediately surrounded by the Time Masters and their forces. Druce had foreseen this event, and had gathered the troops to stop it. Sure he was going to die, Rip called Druce’s actions cold-blooded murder; Druce, however, claimed he had the authority, and ordered their execution.

Before it could happen, however, Jefferson arrived in the timeship! In 2016, he had gotten Martin of the past to help him enable a time jump to the future, shocking even Rip. The team headed to the Oculus, then split up to protect both the entrance and Ray, who would be destroying the device. While Rip and Mick stood guard, Ray began removing his exosuit so he could work more easily. Rip, however, realized this was the death he had been shown. Ray decided it was okay, however, and that by freeing the others, he would make the difference he always wanted.

In the end, Ray realized there was a failsafe: a lever that had to be held down to make sure the Oculus was destroyed. Ray told Rip and Mick to go, but Rip refused. Mick made things simpler by knocking out Ray and holding down the lever himself. Rip knew then there was no choice: If he somehow incapacitated Mick, no one would be left to hold down the failsafe and their plan would fail. Shrinking Ray down by use of his suit, Rip reluctantly left, unsure even of what he could say.

At the entrance, he told the others to head to the ship. Leonard, however, refused to leave without Mick. When told that Mick was going to sacrifice himself, Leonard and Sara both ran into the chamber. Leonard knocked out Mick, taking his place, and ultimately sacrificed himself to ensure the destruction of the Oculus.

Back on the Waverider, while the rest of the team mourned, Rip silently sat alone in a cargo hold. He asked Gideon to review the timeline, although she couldn’t because they’d destroyed the Oculus. Rip thought of it as sailing without a map, then asked her to review news reports for 2166. Though he already knew, Gideon confirmed that his family had indeed still been killed. Rip Hunter had failed.

Rip decided to send the Legends back to 2016, and led them off the ship. Because Savage had a timeship and the Oculus had been destroyed, they had no way to find him; beyond that, without Kendra or Carter they also couldn’t kill him, and Rip doubted they were still alive. Rip would return to the Refuge to get the team’s younger selves, and restore them to the timeline. The only difference was that instead of returning them to the exact moment when they left, he actually brought them back five months later. The team wasn’t willing to accept this, but Rip had guessed they wouldn’t--so he had tricked them with a hologram, then took off before they could stop him. In the end he offered them a final apology for all he’d asked, and wished them well.

However, his intentions finish the mission alone weren't enough; without the Oculus there was literally no way to find Savage. So Rip wound up doing what he had done before: forlornly watching that final message from Miranda and Jonas. Never ones to leave well enough alone, however, the Legends sent a transmission in an attempt to reach Rip, which had him heading back towards 2016. This time, he even planned to leave the ship to speak to them directly. Refusing to let Rip leave without them, Ray asked how much progress Rip had made. While Rip admitted there had been none, he also pointed out that he hadn’t gotten into bar brawls, lost any advanced tech, or gotten turned into a scary bird monster.

Shockingly, the team wasn’t impressed. They were going, gave Rip little choice in the matter--although in truth, Rip was likely silently relieved for it. Otherwise, why not use the same trick twice?

Once everyone was back on board, Rip began to lament their stubbornness--and then got punched in the face by Sara. (For the record, that’s 4 times, all by his allies). Sara also held a knife to his throat, claiming that Rip knew her sister Laurel would be killed by a man named Damien Dahrk in her absence, and demanding Rip take her back to the past. A distraction from Ray allowed Rip to knock out Sara.

The rest of the team tried to figure out where to even begin to find Savage. As they all walked into Rip’s office, Jefferson knocked over a helmet. When he asked where it went, Rip realized it was in the wrong place. Because no one had moved it, Rip suspected something about the helmet had changed in the past; causing chronometric repositioning. In other words, the changed object had been moved. Now inside was a piece of paper, a message from Kendra telling the team where to find her: 1944, Saint-lo, France.

The trip allowed Rip to talk to Sara, although he did ask her to try not to kill him. Rip revealed the truth: if Sara had been there, not only would Laurel have died, but so would Sara herself, and their father Quentin. That was his reason for not bringing Sara back; even bringing the whole team wouldn’t change that end result. In tears, Sara believed she couldn’t go on without Laurel, who had been her reason for joining the team in the first place. Rip knew she could, however; as he wiped her tears, he told her that she was one of the strongest people he had ever met. When Gideon told them they were ready to make the jump, Sara wiped her tears and headed towards the bridge, leaving Rip concerned since he knew her brand of grief all too well.

It was what he had felt, after all, on losing Miranda and Jonas.

Canon Update: Continued History

Once in 1944, the team was quick to engage Savage, who was trying to rob Nazis of a meteorite. Jax recognized it as the same kind of meteorite that Savage had in 1958, and Carter (whom they rescued) revealed that Savage had taken his and Kendra's blood and said he intended to reset time. Martin was able to figure out that Savage's true intention was to destroy the meteorite and thereby the earth in three separate time periods: 1958, 1975, and 2021. By doing so, he would create a paradox which would force time to reset to the point of the first meteorite crashing, which had been in Ancient Egypt.

It's comic book science, go with it.

There would be a side effect, however, because the radition of the meteorite gave Savage his immortality, activating it would render him mortal, meaning he could finally be killed. By splitting into groups of 2, the team was able to take down Savage in all three times. Rip specifically worked with Carter in 2021, helping him free Savage. While they were the ones to deal the mortal wound, Rip made sure Savage suffered, purposely pushing the knife in deeper and watching Savage's pained expression. Not one to let anyone else have the last word, however, Savage again pointed out that his death didn't save Miranda or Jonas--except when he tried to say their names, Rip threw him into an electrical generator to put an end to him once and for all.

The rest of the team returned from the other years, having taken care of both the Savages and the meteorites of those times. The 2021 meteorite was still active, however, and very capable of destroying the earth. In order to stop it, Rip used the tractor beam to pull the meteorite into the Waverider with the intention of flying it into the sun. He would die, but he would also save the world.

During that ill-fated trip, however, Rip passed out and received a vision of Miranda and Jonas. He had the opportunity to hold them both one last time, and in this moment, after everything, found a measure of closure. Once he woke, he called for Gideon, who was there--and who admitted she wasn't ready to die. Rip realized he wasn't either, and ejected the meteorite into the sun before using the time drive to return to the Legends in 2021 moments after he'd left.

Once on board, the crew began to realize the mission was at last over--until Rip pointed out that for some of them, it might not be. He'd realized that the Time Masters being destroyed meant someone would need to protect history, and his training meant Rip would be perfect for the job. He offered the chance for anyone who wanted to join him to come with.

He dropped most of the Legends off in 2016 to consider it, although he took Mick to 2014 to allow him a chance to say goodbye to a past version of Leonard Snart. Once Mick returned from the meeting Rip told him he could bring the man back to that same time when he wished, although Mick told him to forget it.

Shortly after, all of the Legends gathered at the designated meeting spot, much to Rip's surprise. He hadn't expected everyone to agree, and in fact two of them hadn't: Kendra and Carter were only there to say goodbye. Mick, Raymond, Jax, Martin, and Sara, however, had all agreed to accompany Rip. They readied themselves to leave, only to be stopped when a second Waverider suddenly appeared and crashed nearby. A unknown man emerged from the ship, calling himself Rex Tyler. He warned the Legends not to go specifically to 1942, telling them that if they did, they would all die. When the Legends questioned him he tried to warn them further, but vanished before their eyes before he could warn them of the specific danger.

Over the course of the next six months, the Legends operated under Rip's leadership to protect history. This didn't exactly go smoothly, as more often than not, the team pretty much ignored everything Rip told them to do. In France, for example, instead of discretely protecting the King from Cardinal Richelieu's men who had been armed with lasers, Ray and Firestorm openly used their superpowers to fight. Mick had left his gun on the ship, but took the opportunity to steal something, while Sara just avoided the situation altogether because she was hooking up with the Queen of France--shortly before said Queen was meant to conceive an heir with the King.

On board the ship Rip was quick to point out all these mistakes, giving them a lecture the team was well used to by that point as Ray considered it practically routine whenever they went on a mission. Afterwards Rip retreated to the Time Library to check on the timeline. Sara followed to give him some critical advice, but Rip said he was in no mood. He also pointed out that he feared the team couldn't handle the responsibility of protecting time, but was interrupted when the ship suddenly shook. Gideon revealed it to be a Time Quake, a disturbance caused by a significant enough aberration in time to actually reverberate throughout history and the temporal zone itself. Rip himself had never experienced one, which left him rather worried.

Justifiably so, when it was revealed that the Time Quake had been caused by the Nazis firing an atomic bomb on New York two years before the atomic bomb was even supposed to have been invented: in 1942.

Despite Rip adamantly reminding the team that they had been warned to avoid that year by Rex Tyler, he was ultimately outvoted--and in truth, Rip himself knew they would have to fix what had been done. Based on news reports the team realized the Nazis had likely kidnapped Einstein to force him to build their bomb, meaning that they would need to kidnap him first to protect him.

Although they successfully did so, Gideon reported the aberration remained. Einstein then revealed that while he was the only man who could build such a bomb, there was still someone else capable: his ex-wife Mileva Maric. The Nazis had indeed kidnapped her, but they weren't working alone: Damien Darhk was working with them. The Legends attempted to rescue Mileva, but were unable to stop the bomb in part due to Ray's suit not being able to handle the radiation, but also because Sara attacked Darhk in a bid for revenge rather than cooperating with the team.

After delivering Einstein and Mileva into protective custody, Rip piloted the Waverider into the ocean, as the Nazis had loaded the atomic bomb onto a U-boat. He also gave Jax instructions to implement certain programing into the time drive. The young man complained about being given maintenance duties at a time like this, especially since it wasn't the first time. Over the past six months it seemed like Rip assigned him meaningless chore after meaningless chore, even keeping him on the ship while the rest of the team went on a mission. Rip then quietly asked Jax technical details about the ship's operations, allowing the young man to realize the chores were actually lessons on how to operate the Waverider. As a time traveler Rip thought about his own future often, and wanted the team to be able to continue in case he wasn't part of it. Jax appreciated the thought, but told Rip he wasn't getting off that easy before heading off to put Rip's "Time Scatter" protocols into place.

Because the Waverider wasn't designed for underwater combat, they weren't able to stop the U-boat before the atomic bomb was launched. To protect New York, Rip purposely steered his ship into the path of the bomb, despite not knowing if the Waverider would survive the damage. In order to save his team, Rip used the Time Scatter to send each member of his team to a different era in history. Mick, however, had to remain on the ship due to an injury which would have prevented him from surviving the blast. Rip used the stunner to knock him out, then carried Mick to medbay where he put the man in stasis, which would keep him unconscious but alive for an extended period of time (70 years, as it turned out).

Rip recorded a final message for the Legends, one entrusting them with the protection of history without him. He praised their ability to work as a team, saying they together were the best group he could have hoped for. He also said he wouldn't give up on seeing them again.

Rip knew he still had to protect his piece of the Spear, and that he couldn't wait for the fifteen years it would take Gideon to automatically repair the ship. He purposely shut down her interface after initiating repairs, then took the suicidal risk of making direct contact with the Time Drive in order to travel. While he survived, this extreme method sent him back into the past and altered his identity: instead of being Rip Hunter, he became Phil Gasmer, a film student in 1967 Los Angeles.

In this life the hardest thing he had to face was a villain who lacked any sort of menace and the pressure of thesis deadlines. His thesis film specifically was based on an imaginary character named Rip Hunter, who was a time traveler and who had a fragment of the Spear of Destiny--although ultimately the hero of his story was a woman named Sandra. Even as Phil, he wanted things to be done as he thought they should be, to the point where he was willing to recast the actor playing the fictional Vandal Savage despite his props masters and confidant telling him there wasn't enough time given how soon he would need to turn in his thesis film.

And in the category of differences, Phil also enjoyed the occasional use of recreational drugs. Like acid.

Everything was all well and good until these crazy people showed up at his film set one day. They kept insisting Phil was actually Rip Hunter before starting to fight each other with all sorts of crazy powers and laser guns. Phil urged his props master (some guy named George Lucas) to save himself, but didn't want to leave because his movie was still there. He had to beat one of the people off with his script, but Phil managed to stay safe until the cops showed up--and arrested him as part of the disturbance.

Phil's screaming didn't win him any favors with the police.

He was stuck at the station for awhile until this other guy came in pretending to be his doctor. The cops totally didn't listen to Phil when he said he didn't recognize the people, leaving him alone with the trio. One of them introduced herself as Sara Lance, and the two men as Mick Rory and Martin Stein. Realizing these were the crazy people from earlier, Rip began to panic, screaming for help until Mick knocked him out.

When he came to, he was on the roof of the police station with the same three from before. He tried to get away, and also to figure out what was happening. His best guess was that he was hallucinating, until the Waverider uncloaked in front of him. The realization that this was somehow real was too much--but this time Phil didn't have to be punched! He just fainted.

This time when he came to, he found the woman from before quietly contemplating in what Phil described as a groovy office. Sara tried once more to convince Phil that he was Rip by explaining who she was, that Rip had saved her and gave her purpose in life. Phil commented that it sounded like Sandra, who was the hero of his movie (and that could totally be a thing, women could be heroes, get with the times). Jax, who had been reading Phil's screenplay, realized that he was writing about the Legends and the Spear. With some prodding Phil revealed his "inspiration" was a piece of wood he thought would make a good movie prop, which was in the possession of that George Lucas guy.

While all this had been going on, Damien Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn, two-thirds of the Legion of Doom, had kidnapped not only George but Ray and the two newest members of the Legends, Amaya Jiwe and Nate Heywood. Because George had thrown the Spear fragment away, the Legion took the group to the dump, and forced them into a trash compactor to look for it. The rest of the team fought against the Legion, but Phil, who was onboard the ship, realized the rescue wasn't going so well. Encouraged by Gideon, who pointed out that Rip's only powers were his courage, honor, and intellect, Phil dressed up as his fictional character, faked a British accent, and attempted to engage the full Legion, as their third member, Eobard Thawne, had also shown up.

Unfortunately, the ruse fell apart when his gun didn't work.

Luckily Gideon was able to fire the ship's weapons, allowing the Legends the chance to escape. Still in disbelief, Phil stopped briefly, which was a fatal mistake. This allowed Thawne, a speedster, to kidnap him, although the Legends got away with the spear fragment and the medallion that can detect the locations of the other fragments. The Legion took Phil to their unknown base, where they wouldn't be convinced that Phil was not, in fact, Rip Hunter. Damien and Malcolm used various methods of torture to force Phil to confess, and Malcolm even resorted to hypnosis. It wasn't until Damien cut a took out of Phil's mouth, however, that the Legion got their first lead: information inscribed on the tooth about a safety deposit box kept in a Switzerland bank in the year 2025. Malcolm and Damien took Phil there, allowing him a chance to marvel at the future despite how much his current predicament sucked. Part of the bank's security was a spoken access code, however, and without Phil knowing what Rip had set up, Damien and Malcom were forced to fight their way past security in order to escape.

Back at the hideout, with Phil tied to a chair, Malcolm and Damien argued with each other over whom was to blame for their failure at the bank. The argument escalated into a full on swordfight, and when the pair wound up literally holding knives to each others' throats, Phil interrupted them to try and talk them down. Over the course of his time with the Legion Phil had been listening to the men's gripes and observing all of them. He understood that both Damien and Malcolm were disgruntled by Eobard not treating them as equals, and was able to talk them into allying with each other against Eobard. The pair return to the bank, leaving Phil on his own. He actually manages to free himself--just in time for Eobard to show up and tie him up again. Phil still tries to stand up to Eobard, although the man quickly intimidates him into honesty: Phil admits that Damien and Malcolm have gone back to the bank.

Eobard follows, and by the time the three come back, they've worked out their differences. More importantly, they have the contents of the deposit box. It's not the Spear fragments like they originally thought, but rather a mnemonic archive, a piece of future technology specifically designed to hold memories. Eobard rightly deduces they are Rip's, meaning they have a way to locate the Spear--after Eobard makes some adjustments.

Specifically, he turns Rip evil. He manipulates Rip's memories of his team, as well as his sense of morality and duty to protect time.

Because he's a speedster, Eobard is able to travel back through time. He takes Rip to 1776, where on Christmas day Rip infiltrates the colonial camp and murders George Washington. He takes it a step further by later that afternoon, giving the British army a rousing speech and automatic rifles. The plan is to lure the Legends there so they'll stop the aberration, and allow Rip the opportunity to steal the spear fragment. Eobard gives him the assignment after confirming that Rip has no lingering attachments for his former team, and speeds away, leaving Rip to contemplate that time travel could in fact be rather fun.

As expected, the Legends arrive on Christmas Eve, unaware of what's waiting for them. They infiltrate a party George Washington is attending, which is subsequently attacked by the British soldiers. Rip also sets off a futuristic device which has a similar effect to an EMP: it shuts downs all of the team's futuristic weapons, Ray's ATOM suit (effectively trapping him in his miniaturized state), the splicer which allows Jax and Stein to fuse into Firestorm, and the Waverider, including Gideon and the cloaking device which keeps the ship hidden.

Mick and Sara lead George Washington out of the fray, only to be met by Rip who is, from their perspective, inexplicably present in the past. Rip greets Sara with a quiet hello, then, as British soldiers surround them, shoots her in the gut while telling her goodbye. Mick angrily calls him a bastard while he and Washington support Sara, demanding to know what's wrong with him. Rip counters by gleefully stating nothing has ever been more right, even going so far to cradle Sara's face as he watches her suffering and in pain. For Rip this is the ultimate moment of realizing that he is truly free of the bonds of who he once was, and he is absolutely delighted by it. This is likely, in fact, the happiest Rip is shown being on the entire series.


Mick and Washington are taken by the British forces, while Sara is left to die slowly in the snow. She and Ray are taken back to the ship by Amaya and Nate; Sara passes out in the currently useless medbay after appointing Jax as temporary captain. Amaya and Nate are sent to rescue Washington and Mick, while Ray, thanks to his small size, is tasked with traveling through the ventilation system to the engine room so power can be restored to the ship. Jax and Stein mean to do what they can for Sara, but are interrupted by the sounds of someone trying to forcefully open the cargo bay doors. It's Rip, along with a pair of British soldiers, and Stein is left to care for Sara while Jax does what he can to set up make-shift defenses. Carefully placed boobytraps and Jax's ability to fight let him take out the two henchmen, while Rip realizes by process of elimination just who he's up against.

The chase thus begins, with Rip hunting down Jax through the various corridors and rooms of the Waverider, pointing out that he was the one who had taught Jax everything about the ship to encourage the man to give up. Jax manages to evade Rip regardless, until he's forced to reveal himself in order to distract Rip from going into the medbay, where Sara and Stein are. Despite everything Rip says he doesn't want to hurt Jax, and tells him that the Spear would allow Jax to save his father's life. When Jax refuses to give in, however, Rip shoots at him, barely missing his target.

The chase continues on, and Jax manages to restore auxiliary power to the ship (although it's just enough to turn on the lights, not Gideon who would be able to help Sara). The darkness lifts to reveal Rip standing there, gun aimed at Jax. Jax tries to appeal to his former captain, who openly criticizes the man he used to be as a puppet, first to the Time Masters then to a sense of duty. He calls his old self a self-righteous idiot, and says the Legion have freed him from the person he used to be.

Cornered, Jax promises to lead Rip to the fragment, taking the man to the parlor. Knowing Jax had boobytrapped other areas of the Waverider, Rip tells Jax to open the hatch. They're distracted, however, by Ray screaming from the vents overhead. Jax uses the moment to open the hatch, which has indeed been rigged; the explosion knocks Rip off his feet and allows Jax to get away. Rip doesn't plan to underestimate Jax again, however, and sees a trail of blood on the ground. Following it leads Rip to the medbay, where Stein is comforting a newly awoken Sara, whom he saved by removing the bullet and stopping the bleeding. Mockingly lamenting that he has to interrupt the tender scene, Rip knocks Stein out, but not before the man screams.

Jax runs in to help, but finds Rip standing over Sara, choking the helpless woman. While he still tries to resist, seeing Rip literally killing his friend makes Jax give up the real location of the fragment, in hopes that Rip will spare the woman. He pleads with Rip, telling him over and over that it's Sara he's choking. Rip looks down at her, commenting that Jax speaks her name as if she's supposed to matter to him. Proclaiming that she doesn't, Rip looks Jax square in the eye as he breaks Sara's neck, presumably killing her before walking away to retrieve the fragment of the Spear.

He approaches the telescope where the fragment is hidden with caution, given that Jax had previously booby-trapped so many other parts of the ship. Once he finds the fragment, and with a comment to himself that Jax is honest to a fault, Rip takes his leave. He's stopped not too far from the Waverider, however, by a furious Jax who points a pistol at him. He means to kill Rip for what he's done to Sara, driven by anger and grief over what he sees as making no sense. Rip claims that none of it makes sense; that history is "war and slavery and holding your dead child in your arms," and that there's nothing to do but burn it all down.

Despite the fact that he's got a gun pointed at him, Rip shows no fear; he believes Jax incapable of such cold-blooded murder, and even goes so far as to hold his arms out and close his eyes, leaving himself utterly exposed. When Jax fails to take the shot, Rip calls him weak, "just like his old captain," then turns to go with a wink. Jax refirms his grip on the pistol, looking ready to fire, when they're interrupted by Sara. Much to the shock of both Jax and especially Rip, she is in fact not dead thanks to the comic book science efforts of Martin and Gideon. Sara convinces Jax not to shoot Rip, and with the sounds of the approaching British army, Rip leaves with the spear fragment, which he turns over to Thawne.

His next stop is Detriot in the year 3000; Rip goes after Doctor Mid-Nite, who has acclimated quite well to the future. He's used the advanced cybernetic technology to cure his prior blindness, and also developed a biomorphic implant, which could modify the neural processes of its host. Mid-Nite saw it as a potential means to end violence, but Rip, as he is, realized it could be used to enhance it, or ultimately, to control others. He tries to convince Mid-Nite to turn over his spear fragment by saying there's a group after them, and he wants to take them to the Vanishing Point. Mid-Nite, however, points out that Rip had told him previously they wouldn't be safe there. Realizing he's been caught in a lie, Rip then just shoots Mid-Nite to incapacitate the man. Mid-Nite tries to be brave, telling Rip he'll never give up the fragment. Rip, however, deduces based on Mid-Nite's work in cybernetic implants that he's most likely hidden the spear piece inside himself--and makes his intentions clear when he pulls a knife.

Rip then proceeds to cut Mid-Nite open, and he does indeed find the spear. He leaves the man to die in agony (which we know because Mid-Nite writes Rip's name on the floor in his own blood), and takes both the fragment and the biomorphic implants he saw earlier.

At this point, he'll be returned to Wonderland.

Abilities/Special Powers: In truth, Rip is a normal, non-powered human. He also happens to be a former member of the order that existed to preserve the timeline and protect history, but all the extraordinary things he did as part of that was due to his technology. Speaking of, he will be bringing with him a revolver that shoots lasers instead of bullets, and a stun device that can knock people out with a flash of light. As a former time master, he has a very strong knowledge of history, as well as advanced technology. He's got training in weapons from a number of eras, as well as some combat skills.

He's also pretty good at getting punched in the face. :|b

Third-Person Sample: Truly, if there was one lesson Rip had learned during his travels with his team, it was this: that for every one precious moment of successful planning, there were at least a dozen complications waiting in the wings to muck up his best intentions. Take, for instance, this very moment. He had gathered his team of Legends once more, all of whom had agreed to go with him and take up the responsibility left behind in the wake of the Time Master's destruction. Just as they were readying themselves to board his ship, what should come falling from the sky...

But another version of the same exact ship. A second Waverider, something that should be utterly impossible in the minds of most. Of course, being a former Time Master, Rip understood immediately that the second ship must have been from a different point in time. Simple, yes, but why in bloody hell would anyone risk the paradox that could be caused by having two versions of the same timeship in the same moment at once?

Just one of many questions he intended to ask, after he stopped choking on dirt. Ah, diving to the ground to avoid random debris and injury: how Rip had not missed you. He looked up enough to confirm the cloud of dust coming at them in the wake of the crash, closed his eyes to block out the grit--

And woke up on the floor of some dimly lit room, no ship (or two) in sight.

"What the bloody hell?" He picked himself up, or made the attempt; on rising Rip almost immediately hit his head on the table he had apparently been sprawled underneath. Lacking any memory of how he'd suddenly gotten indoor, or even of passing out, Rip raised an hand to examine his head. Injury would be the most likely cause, but there was neither pain when he pressed down with his fingers, nor blood when he pulled them away. With a frown Rip started to crawl out from under the table, only to be stopped short as someone apparently had to choose that particular moment to sit at that particular chair at that particular table.

"Oh you've got to be kidding me." Rip would have thought that destroying the Oculus meant the universe would be slightly less against him, but apparently not. Worse, the room seemed to be full of the sounds of festivities; delightfully cheerful, but equally effective at ensuring no one would hear Rip's attempt to call for help from his prison. Short of turning over the table itself, there was no way out, a realization that had Rip lowering his head.

Time to accept his fate, he supposed.

"Excuse me!" He called out loudly, at the same time rapping his knuckles against the boot of whomever had chosen that unfortunate spot. He'd been hoping the person would startle back with surprise, but no. Fight won over flight in this instance, and for his trouble Rip got a sharp kick in the ribs. Only then did the chair push back, with an angry voice threatening whomever had just touched his leg.

An angry voice that Rip just happened to recognize—although time would tell if that would be good fortune or not.

"Funny you should demand to know what's going on, Mr. Rory." At last able to crawl into the open, Rip was not at all surprised to be face to face with Mick's infamous fire-spewing gun. Ah, the things that never changed. One hand wrapped protectively around his bruised ribs, he made his way to his feet. Though he already knew he would likely never live this down, Rip refused to make it worse by holding a conversation while he was on his knees. "I was hoping to find that out myself."

First-Person Sample: [Well. Now that Rip has had some time to get the lay of the land, he decides to get straight to business. Never mind that he's been assured that time does not move within this realm, that somehow this fictional-based fantasy world is even more separated from time than the Vanishing Point. Despite that safety net, Rip possesses no desire to linger within these walls. Luckily the outdated technology provided for communication is simple enough to figure out. He turns on the video feed, making little attempt to put on a pleasant face—but he does have a British accent, so his voice sounds nice?]

Yes, hello there. My name is Rip Hunter, formerly Captain of the Waverider, and also formerly not a prisoner of this—this sadly real version of seventies-era drug-induced hallucination.

[He might be a little frustrated here.]

I've been given an overview of the way this dimension functions from my comrades here, most relevantly the supposed fact that escape is impossible. I would like to confirm this with the population at large.

[More to the point, he wants to know who is working to defy that rule. Raymond can't have been the only scientific mind brought to this world. Whatever efforts are being made, Rip wants in. He simply won’t say as much over the network, in case it is being monitored. Just as he remains certain that someone is trying to escape, he is equally sure someone is responsible for their imprisonment, even if their identity remains yet unknown.

Of course, wisdom dictates he be prepared for anything, and he pauses but a moment before continuing.]

I suppose I should also ask about some of the other things I’ve been told. While I have no reason to disbelieve those present from my own universe [liars and thieves though two of them may be], some of the things they described go well beyond the limits of what should be possible—and trust me when I say that given my own background, that is a definite point of concern.

Has there been any data collected on these so-called “events?” Any success in discovering how this world and the people within it are altered, seemingly on a whim?

[Anything at all that might show a successful resistance to all Rip has been told—ah, but he stops himself before that much spills out. Probably better not to piss off the general population on his first broadcast. He’s already got a disgruntled crew to manage, after all.]

That should suffice for now. Thank you all, for both your time and your cooperation.

[Now please, give Rip the answers he wants to hear.]

Canon Update: New Samples

Third-Person Sample: The best laid plans, as the stories go. Rip had been set to leave Mid-Nite's lab, with both the second spear fragment he successfully retrieved and an unexpected prize in hand. Yet instead of the corridor that would lead to the safely tucked away Time Sphere, Rip finds himself instead stepping into a hall that only gains familiarity after that impossible transition; seconds prior, he had no memory of this place, nor of the time he had spent here.

After the passing of several heartbeats, however? Rip remembers where he is, as surely as he'd remembered so many other truths when Thawne restored his mind to the way it should be and better. The realization that he once more stands in Wonderland, however, is a far less happy one. His prior stay so many months ago had been filled with--well. Agonies and trials that by and large could have been avoided, except he was still his former self.

With every ounce of ridiculous righteousness and sense of duty that had made him utterly pathetic.

Still. There are worse scenarios, he supposes. He looks down at the piece of wood in his hand and--oh. He is rather a mess, isn't he? Likely to be expected, given that he'd just cut open a man to obtain what he now carries. Perhaps the all-black he wears hides some of the blood, but there's no helping what covers his skin.

Another look around, and Rip's reasonably sure he's on the first floor. Perhaps not down the hall then, but up instead. He'll bypass his own room and the second level entirely; he's got no desire to run into any of his former cohorts just yet. A higher floor would be less occupied, meaning he could likely find some place to scrub up without running into anyone who might ask inconvenient questions.

He's got rather a lot to do, after all. There is one person he plans on having a nice chat with, especially now that he's got a rather fresh perspective on things. Rip suspects that this time, his talk with Eobard would go quite differently.

First-Person Sample "There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered."

[Rip lets the quote linger in the air for a moment; he sits rather relaxed at a desk, the faint hint of a grin on his face. In truth he doubts anyone listening could begin to guess just how relevant those words currently are to him--well.

No one outside of the Legends. For that bunch, the words could well serve as portent. Depending entirely on how much information they've shared amongst themselves, of course. Only so many months ago, it had been Rip issuing warnings about one of their number.

Had one of them known to do the same regarding him?]

It is customary, I believe, to announce one's return after they've been sent home for a time. Well, far be it from me to break away from tradition: I'm back, and from a rather interesting trip to my world, indeed.

I've already been informed that nothing truly noteworthy happened during my absence. It's disappointing, really. You'd think being returned to one's own dimension would be occasion enough to miss whatever event will wind up being inflicted upon all of us next.

But few here are so fortunate, I suppose.

[Ah, well. Rip merely shakes his head, then reaches for the device to cut off the feed. That should be enough to pique the curiosity of those whom he's trying to reach.

And perhaps the responses of anyone else might prove an interesting distraction in the meantime.]
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One might say it's another successful mission in the books--but one might also say that, as is so often the case, the effort had been an improbably favorable end to a cacophony of errors, a mess that the team and the timeline have both managed to survive in relatively good order. Rip, as he typically does, tends to opt for the latter; honestly, can it be any surprise when he is far more used to precise strikes, carefully thought out movements rather than the unleashing of the metaphorical bulls that seems to describe the Legends' actions best?

Of course he told the group as much, again, taking the time to point out the assorted errors again in the seemingly futile hope that next time they might actually listen to him. Now on his own Rip's free to let loose a soft laugh at that, low and bitter, quickly washed down by the scotch he's poured himself. Yet the mission isn't quite done for him yet. Ever the one to see to the details, Rip has to make certain of a few things.

"Gideon." He continues after the familiar voice offers her reply. "Please ensure that the timeline is in fact back to normal." First things first, always, and Gideon is quick to confirm that history has indeed been restored. Thank goodness for small favors, although that's not all he has to ask after. His team had taken some hard hits out there--Sara in particular suffered a nasty collision, one Rip barely caught sight of while he'd been engaged in his own fight.

Of course Sara above all is more than capable of taking care of herself--which is as much the problem as it is a reassurance in this case. "And what of Miss Lance? I don't suppose she actually stopped by the medbay so you could assess her injuries?"

"I'm afraid not, Captain. Miss Lance is currently in her quarters."

"How incredibly predictable." He breathes out a soft groan before polishing off the small amount of liquor still in his glass. No, the work is never truly done, and in short order he stands outside her door, calling out before he presses his hand to the scanner on the frame.

"Miss Lance? It's me; I need a moment of your time."


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